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HVAC tools and machinery including pittsbrgh lockformers, button snap lock HVAC DUCT MACHINES
Pittsburgh Lock Former, Button Lock, Cleat Forming, Rollformers, Bar Folder, Duct Beader, Spot Welder, Rotary Cladding. Rams, Tin Knocker, Flagler.
Sheet metal and plate cutting hydraulic shear machines HYDRAULIC METAL SHEAR
Dreis & Krump hydraulic sheet metal, plate shears and notching machines.
Chicago sheet metal bending hand brake machine, box & pan finger brake SHEET METAL BRAKE
Chicago Dreis & Krump sheet metal benders up to 12 gauge capacity, up to 12 feet long. Both standard and box&pan making type.
Hydraulic Power Leaf Brake machines for metal bending POWER FOLDING BRAKE
Chicago Dreis & Krump hydraulic power sheet metal bending up to 3/4" capacity or 12 feet long. Both standard and box&pan making type.
Chicago Dreis & Krump Hydraulic Brake Press
Chicago Dreis & Krump Press Brakes, hydraulic powered sheet metal and plate benders.
Press Brake Dies
Edwards hydraulic ironworker
Edwards Ironworkers 25 - 120 ton for hole punching, shearing, coping, plate notching, pipe notching, and metal bending.
Metal cutting band saw and cold saw machines
Vertical and Horizontal Band Saws from Amada, Baileigh, Cosen, Dake, JET, WF Wells and Verticut.
Double Column Horizontal Band Saw machines manufactured in USA by WF Wells.
Dual Post Band Saws for cutting large pipe and structural sections. Up to 50 inch capacity.
Metal cutting Cold Saws
Circular Cold Saw Machines for cutting metal from Dake and Jet.
Lathe machines
Many sizes from small to large with optional digital readouts, taper attachments, 5C Closers.
CNC Lathe Machine from Sharp
CNC Lathe Machines availeble in 9 sizes for 17 to 22 inch diameter swing, 40 to 80 working lengths
Bridgeport style vertical milling machines
Bridgeport style

Knee type Vertical and Horizontal Mills with optional digital readouts, power feeds, etc.
CNC milling machines with Centroid control
Available in 2 Axis with Z axis digital readout and full 3 Axis CNC or 4 axis with rotary table.
Bed type milling machines
Large bed type Vertical Mills for heavy parts.
Manual and CNC.
Drill presses and drill mills
Standard Drill Presses and Drill-Mills with X-Y table. Jet and RongFu.
Radial Arm Drill Press
Large radial arm drills with up to 98 inch arm.
ACRA, Birmingham and Jet.
Dake hydraulic shop press including H frame and C frame types
H frame, and C frame hydraulic shop presses.
10 ton to 200 ton. Dake, Edwards, & HMI.
Dake Arbor Press
Single leverage, ratchet-type single leverage, and compound leverage.
35 ton Portable Hydraulic Hole Punch and Hand Turret Punch Press machines
35 Ton Portable Hydraulic C-Punch. 5 Ton and
7 Ton hand operated Turret Punch machines.
Plate Bending Rolls
Slip Rolls, Sheet and plate Bending Roll machines. Hydraulic, and hand operated.
Ring rolling and rotary draw bending machines for bending tube, pipe, angle
Ring rolling, and rotary draw bending machines for tubing, pipe, angle, channel, & beams.
Pipe and Tube Notching machines
7 different pipe notching machines to choose from.
Surface grinders
GMC and Birmingham surface grinding machines. Manual and automatic.
Click for Tool Grinder machines
Cutter and Tool grinding machines with many options allow you to grind your own tooling.
Burr King belt grinders and metal grinding machines
Industrial High Speed Belt Grinding and Sanding machines.
Vibratory Bowls and Chambers
For fast bench top surface conditioning such as deburring, descaling, or polishing.
Belt Sanders - Disc Sander
Industrial Belt and Disc Sanders. Also Chamfering and Beveling machines.
Power Hammer Machines from Baileigh and DAKE. POWER HAMMER MACHINES
& English Wheels to stretch, shrink, plannish, dome, jog, bead, and shape complex sheet metal parts for cars, airplanes, sculptures, etc.
Miniature benchtop milling machines BENCHTOP MILLING
Miniature precision table top milling machines.
Sheet Metal Slitting Machines SHEET METAL SLITTER
Benchtop and full size sheet metal slitting machines from Gary Machinery USA.
Pallet Fork Lifts JET FORK LIFT: $995.
The low cost alternative to forklifts for moving, loading and unloading shipping crates, skids and pallets. We have an unused demo machine in stock; $995.
Portable Hydraulic Power Units HYDRAULIC POWER UNITS
Low cost portable hydraulic power units made in USA for hydraulic machinery and tools.
Line Boring Machine with boring bars for bore repair of CAT equipment PORTABLE LINE BORING
For reboring of pivot holes on heavy construction equipment such as cranes, backhoes, dozers, tractors, endloaders, excavators, frames, etc.

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