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August, 2012 Blog: Consider a Digital Readout for your machine:

Image of Acurite Digital Readout

You may be surprised at all the machines that we can add a Digital Read Out to. Or an Automatic Feed with Digital Readout. A great way to improve the ease at which you can turn out accurately made parts and do it repeatably. Such as +/- .001 inch. For a little extra money, we can add a 2 axis DRO to a milling machine to monitor the table X axis (side to side) and table Y axis (front to back). Or or 3 axis DRO to also show the up and down table Z axis movement of the knee. Or the Z axis can be the spindle position. The new DROs can even calculate X-Y bolt hole positions based on bolt circle dimensions. We can add a DRO to a new lathe machine to monitor the cutting tool carriage positioning side to side (Z-axis) and in-out (X-axis).

We can add a DRO to a surface grinding machine to monitor the grinding wheel up-down and side to side positions. Very useful if you dont want to stop and measure your progress often. We can add a DRO to a drill press to show spindle position for precise depth drilling.

We have a bending roll machine with a DRO on the back bending roll and a double pinch type plate rolling machine that has a DRO on each of the bottom bending rolls. If you write down the settings that worked to roll the diameter part you wanted, you can use those settings to repeatably roll the same part again and again. This works rather well as long as the metal you are rolling has the same tensile strength. We have hydraulic pipe benders and shape rolling machines with a DRO on the moveable rolls. This works much the same as the plate rolling machines.

We have a hydraulic metal folding machine with a digital back gauge to set the bend position and a hydraulic metal shear machine with a digital back gauge to set the cutting position. No need to rely on a tape measure. We have press brake machines with programmable positioning of the back gauge and top die. This allows you to repeat the same bends again and again and save those setting into memory for use another time.

We have horizontal bandsaws that we have a programmable digital positioning feed table. We have the same programmable digital positioning feed table as an option for hydraulic ironworker machines. These feed tables will index the material for you and activate the next cut/punch automatically. We have hydraulic presses with a tonnage gauge. For many of these machines, ordering it with a Digital Readout is an option that will pay for itself with less time measuring and improvement in quality that comes from accurate repeatability.

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