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March 25, 2013 Blog:
All JET Machine Tools are 10% Off until April 5, 2013!

If you were thinking of buying a metalworking machine, you are in luck. Because JET Machine Tools are having a once a year 10% off sale. Dont miss this opportunity to spend less money to finally get the machinery your shop needs. Have you been wanting a Lathe? Then you should look at the line up of Jet Lathe machines because they are 10% off until April 5. Do you need a Drill Press? Then check out the choices from the selection of JET Drill Presses. They are all on sale. If your shop could use a Milling Machine, then make sure you consider a JET Milling Machine or a JET CNC Mill because they are all 10% off until April 5. Is your old shop band saw too small or worn out? Then now is the time to look at the JET Band Saw Machines because every one of them is 10% off. Even the JET Belt Sanders are all 10% off. Thats right! Every JET machine is on sale (except the JET CNC Lathe because it is already priced so low that the profit margin is too small to go any further). If you were considering to buy a new lathe, mill, drill, saw or belt sander machine, this is your 2 week window of opportunity to save 10%.

Need another reason to buy a JET Machine Tool? Save even more money with our free shipping on all JET machines that are priced over $1995. Thats right! FREE SHIPPING on machines costing $2000 of more to anywhere in the USA (excluding far away Alaska and Hawaii). What a deal.

But dont forget about the Reliability, Expertise and Service you get when you buy a JET. Their Customer Service and Tech Support is readily available all day long Monday thru Friday. They have 750 authorized Service Centers spread out over the U.S. 50 states. In Nashville, Tennessee they has a huge stocking warehouse. Finally, the JET website has manuals, specs, images, catalogs. Plus a service center locator.


For more information about a JET machine for your company, call and talk to an authorized JET representative at American Machine Tools Company 773-334-5000. Or click one of the links below and click on one of the Request this Quote links for a machine you see that you want pricing and information.

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