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The CENTROID CNC Controller will work great on your next milling machine:

CENTROID M400 CNC Control:
• Made in the USA
• Three Axis - Simultaneous
• Expandable to 4th Axis*
• 15" Color LCD Screen With Graphics
• Real-time graphics display
• User-friendly touchpad
• Pentium Processor
• Ethernet Card
• USB Port
• RS-232 Communication
• Hard Drive
• Teach Mode
• Direct G-Code
• 2 & 3D Graphics
• Math Help
• Canned Cycles
• Fast Setup Parts
• 32 Bit PC Based DSP Technology
• Coolant Controls**
• Output For Auto Lube
• Programmable Spindle
• Easy switch over to Spanish / Espanol
• Free CNC Controller Training at Centroid in Pennsylvania USA
• One Day of On-site training in your shop is available at extra cost
• Free CNC Telephone Tech Support
• CNC program writing is available at extra cost
• Power backup (30 minutes)
• Easy console switch from CNC to manual DRO
• High precision ballscrews for accurate positioning
• Heavy duty servo motors capable of machining parts at rated capacity of machine
• 23"/LB DC servo motors
• CNC control runs on 110V AC power
• Mitutoyo linear glass scales for closed loop feedback

Optional Equipment Available:
• MPG Handwheel
• 4th Axis Drive Interface
• Rotary Table(s)
• Tooling Package
• TT-1 Touch-off Kit
• Engraving Software
• 2D and 3D Digitizing
• Part and Fixture Probing
• CNC Engraving
• Rigid Tapping
• Auto Tool Setter

Powerful CNC control with user-friendly operation.
Cut parts the first day with CENTROID's straight-forward operation. Machine parts not possible with other controls. Get more work through a machine with faster setups. Produce parts with a better surface finish. Spend less time programming and more time making chips. Bring in more work and bid on higher paying jobs.

Useful Tools for quicker job turn around.
Stop and restart the job at any point. Stop, make any adjustments, and restart right where you left off. Toolpath Graphics show you the cutter path before & while running the job. On-the-fly override control of feeds and speeds. Useful Help Screens guide you through Setup and Programming. Large Color LCD display is easy to read. Run large part programs with no limitations. High Speed processing provides smooth machining, no gouging. Fast, smooth continuous tool motion, no hesitation or dwell.

Dedicated control panel for Milling functions.
Clearly labeled controls for each axis and direction. Dedicated buttons for spindle and coolant controls. Spindle speed override and Feedrate override. Tool Check, Feed Hold, Cycle Start, Rapid override, Incremental and Continuous Jog, Single Block. Customize with Tool index +/-, Clamp/Unclamp, Vac on/off, & more. Extra auxiliary buttons are programmable for special applications. Fully sealed, coolant proof, long-lasting in shop environment. Tactile feedback, raised buttons with distinct action. Indicator lights show the selection made.

Conversational Programming is fast and easy.
Program parts right at the control or offline with your desktop PC Convert geometry from DXF files to Centroid's Intercon operations. Supports contouring, pocketing, framing, drilling, boring, tapping, & threading. Centroid's Intercon generates the G codes for you. Help screens for all the common milling cycles, just fill in the dimensions. Even lines and arcs are canned cycles. A graph of the part shows your work as you go. Graph at any point. Automatic pocket cleanout, Intercon auto creates the roughing and finish passes automatically. Fill in the blank: Threadmilling, Drilling, (3 types of cycles), Tapping (Rigid, Rigid peck tapping, Floating), Pocketing, Facing, Auto connect radius, Lines, Arcs, Math Help, Teach in and much more!

USB drive for quick and easy file transfer.
All CENTROID CNC controls are equipped with a USB port. Having a standard PC compatible USB port makes file transfers fast and easy. Program parts on your desktop PC and transfer to control Bring in part programs from offline CAD/CAM systems Back up programs to USB flash drive. Transfer programs from one control to another.

Large color LCD display for easy operation and programming. No other control has such a large easy-to-read display. With a special no-glare coating, the CENTROID LCD display is sealed from liquids and greasy fingers. With the 15" display, Programming, Editing, and viewing tool paths is now a joy. Large bright letters. Color tool path graphics shows cutter comp moves. Easy to view from any angle. No flicker, no ghosting, long life, runs cool. Perfectly flat for accruate graphics. Sealed from shop coolant and oils. Special no-glare coating.

Dedicated CNC control panel is straight forward. Individual dedicated buttons for all common machine functions. One-button operation to Jog an axis. One-button tool check Sealed from shop coolant and oils. Long-lasting, durable overlay. Tactile feedback (button depresses with distinct feel). Easy to read, well-labeled, intuitive layout

Color Tool Path Graphics show tool path of cutter comp moves. Make fewer programming errors with our excellent tool path graphics. Instantly see the tool path at any point while you are programming. Great for checking your work as you go. Run-time graphics show you the cutter position while the job is being machined. Great for large machines and for when the cutter is buried in flood coolant. Graph and edit G code programs from any source right at the control. Graph Digitized part programs. All 2D views and 3D, zoom in/out, slow down or speed up, pause graph, graph any the whole part or just a section, different color of lines for different types of moves. Very accurate run-time estimation. True backplot graphics, WYSIWYG. What you see is what you get -- to show you what the machine will do.

Image of Centroid CNC Control with MPG Handwheel option Photo shows optional MPG Handwheel to jog an axis

Image of 4th axis Rotary Indexer Photo shows optional 4th axis servo Rotary Indexer

American made Centroid CNC Control

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