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These machines that use numerically controlled or computerized numerically controlled technology combined with a table and a plasma cutting torch to cut metal, aluminum and other materials quickly and precisely into almost any shapes desired. Using coordinates supplied by the computer, a plasma torch positions itself over the table and cuts shapes defined by the parameters supplied by the computer. This is typically setup using a DXF Cut file of some sort.
The Plasma cutting process is used to cut steel of different thicknesses using a plasma torch. In this process, an inert gas is exhusted at high speed out of a small nozzle; while an electrical arc is formed through that gas from the nozzle to the surface being cut, turning much of that gas to plasma. The plasma is hot enough to melt the metal being cut and moves fast enough to blow molten metal away from the cut. Scroll down to see photos and specifications.

The RAMS CNC PLASMA CUTTING TABLE is a great bargain for all fabrication shops that want a better quality American made plasma cutting system. If you want NO worries about quality, NO worries about tech support, NO worries about spare parts in the future and a happy feeling that you bought one made in USA, then call us or request a formal quotation for our RAMS CNC plasma table.

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RAMS CNC Plasma Table in picture

• Available in 5 x 10 foot (model 2051) or 5 x 20 foot (model 2052) capacity
• Shop Data Systems software full SMACNA standards
• Thermal Dynamics A-40 Industrial Torch
• Cuts @ 280 inches per minute through 20 gauge galvanized steel
• PC based control with laptop computer and wireless label printer
• Gantry is constructed out of 1/2" and 3/4" thick Mic 6 tooling plate
• Table is constructed out of 3" square tubing with heavy duty 10 gauge sides and bottom and is a 1 piece welded construction
• 2 down-draft openings built into base bottom
• Floating head with magnetic breakaway, which will avoid damage to torch head when part "tip ups" occur
• Browning racks and gears, both sides
• HIWIN hardened and ground linear guides, both sides
• NEMA 34 motors, both sides for self squaring gantry
• Lifetime telephone and internet support
• 2 year RAMS Factory Warranty

RAMS plasma table includes a computer stand and a magnetic tool holder Photo shows how the RAMS plasma table includes a nice stand to hold your laptop computer. Also notice the Magnetic Tool Holder with the ROTO cutter waiting in storage.
Thermo Dynamics indutrial torch with pneumatic lift Photo shows the Thermo Dynamics industrial torch. Also notice the Pneumatic Torch Lift.
ROTO cutter and Liner shown in photo Photo shows the optional combination ROTO cutter and liner.
Nesting of parts on plasma table Photo shows nesting of parts being cut from 20 gauge galvanized steel at 280 inches per minute.
Plasma torch cutting nested parts in close up photo Photo shows close up view of the plasma torch cutting nested parts. Sparks are flying.

2051 Plasma Table (5x10): $36,995.
2051 Plasma Table (5x20): $47,500.
RAMS-2051-RL (5x10) ROTO with Liner: $32,500.
RAMS-2052-RL (5x20) ROTO with Liner: $42,500.
RAMS-2051-CLP (5x10) Combination Table Liner and Plasma: $42,500.
RAMS-2052-CLP (5x20) Combination Table Liner and Plasma: $52,500.

Option 1: Full Torch Height Control (Automated): $6500.
Option 2: Table Increase for Side by Side Torches: $5500.
Option 3: Extra Software Seat for Computer System: $5500.

For more information click the link to request a formal quote and we will send you a more formal by email and back it up with a signed copy mailed to you with photos, specifications and our company catalog.

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