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Pallet Lifts and Pallet Jacks made by JET:

Cant afford a forklift but you need to load and unload crates, skids or pallets? Check out the two different types of Pallet Lifts we offer. Do you need to move and lift heavy boxes or equipment around your shop? Then you should consider a Pallet Jack. The low cost alternative to buying a forklift. JET manufactures a great line of low cost pallet lifts and jacks. Scroll down to see our selection of JET material handling equipment. When you find what you like just click the link to fill out the quote request form and we will send you a formal quotation and catalog.
An important thing to remember when lifting heavy bulky items such as crates, skids pallets, and especially machinery is that the center of gravity is not always in the middle. So make sure to do practice lifts by lifting the item 1 inch off the ground until you figure out where the center of gravity is. Follow the recommendations in the user manual. These machines are shipped with a plug to stop hydraulic oil from leaking out during shipping. You must remover it and screw in the breather plug before using the machine as shown in the instructions.

JET Hydraulic Fork Lift model JHS

Unused Demo Machine: $995.
This machine is an ergonomic way to lift and move standard size pallets at an economical price. Heavy-duty welded steel frame construction allowing a maximum capacity of 2200 pounds. It has a powerful 2 stage hydraulic pump that operates like a manual forklift to load or unload trucks, move pallets or stock shelves providing a simple, easy way to lift, lower and transport heavy loads with minimum effort. All this ability costs a lot less than a powered/driven forklift.

Capacity: 2200 pounds
Turning Radius: 360 degrees
Maximum Height: 59 inches
Can handle standard 40 x 48 inch pallets
Safety cage prevents materials falling backward
Safety cage allows load visibility
Maximum Lift Height: 62 inches
Minimum Fork Height: 2-3/4 inches
Load Center: 20 inches

JET Hydraulic Pallet Lift


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