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Want to buy from a sales person with on-the-job experience? Someone who really understands the machines they sell. Someone who can help you avoid the possibility of buying the wrong size machine. Someone to help you avoid Murphys Law. Without spending more money than you need to. You came to the right place. The staff of American Machine Tools Company are a great group of industry professionals. Our guys have years of experience designing, building and using many of the machines we sell. So when you call and talk to us about a machine we are speaking from experience. Scroll down to meet our sales staff so that you can put a face with the guy you talk to over the telephone.
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Photo of Bill Cichon  standing in front of an old Bridgeport milling machine Bill Cichon:

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Bill had 25 years of experience as a machinist before he came to work at American Machine Tools over 10 years ago. Most of the years he worked as a tool and die maker. Building, machining and modifying molds were his specialty. If you want advice how to make your parts on a lathe or mill, Bill can explain it. He is very good at matching up a good machine to do your work. Bill will be the one to help you when you call about a Lathe, Milling machine, Drill Press, BandSaw, Cold Saw, Hydraulic Shop Press, or Surface Grinder. He also knows about Ironworker machines and Line Boring equipment. Talk to him about a machine at 773-334-5000. He is ready to help. Bill's favorite hobbies are philosphy, creating music and enjoying nature.

Photo of Larry standing in front of a Chicago D & K 240 ton Brake Press machine. Larry Wong:

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As a former sheet metal die designer, Larry has over 25 years experience in engineering and sales of tooling for metal stamping and metal forming machines. However you want to bend metal; Larry probably knows how. Larry will be the one to help you when you call about a sheet metal Shear, Slitter, Notcher, HVAC Machine, Bending Roll machine, Hand Brake, Power Leaf Brake, Brake Press, and press brake die tooling. Talk to him about a machine or tooling at 773-334-5000. He is ready to help. Larry's favorite hobbies are basketball and fishing.

Photo of Oscar standing in front of a Dake 50 ton Hydraulic Shop Press Oscar Munoz:

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Oscar has 15 years experience fabricating metal parts out of sheet metal, steel plate, iron, aluminum and stainless steel. Oscar knows what it is like to spend all day making metal parts. Oscar knows about Ironworker machines, hydraulic shop presses, arbor presses, pipe benders, pallet lifts, belt sanders and disc sanders. Oscar is also a bi-lingual speaker of english and spanish. He is currently on leave from our company. Oscar's favorite hobbies are motorcyles and sport shooting.

Photo of Michael using an Edwards 110 ton Ironworker machine Michael Desjardins:

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Michael has been in the machinery business for 40 years including 21 years of designing industrial machinery. Engineering experience includes material handling machinery, sheet metal coil coating machinery, and metal stamping machinery. Special training in hydraulics and pneumatics. The last 20 years were working at American Machine Tools Company as a sales engineer and sales manager selling Ironworkers and radius rolling machines. He specializes in the sales and design of our portable line boring machinery. Need to re-bore holes in-line? Call him at 773-334-5000. He is ready to help. Michael is too boring to have any hobbies.

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