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Want to know what our past customers think about our portable Line Boring Equipment before you decide whether to buy your own? Click to read what previous customers have had to say about the Q150 and Q175 Line Boring Machinery they purchased from us. These endorsements are actual quotes:

"It has worked good for us. We have done 5 line bores so far. My guy learned how to use it quickly. Already made our money back."
- Tim Martin at Wakarusa Heavy Equipment in Indiana .

"We bored a 7 inch holes and the 1 dia shaft worked very nice."
- Louis at MASCI Construction in Florida.

"We have line bored hundreds of holes with it"
- Richard at Beck Equipment in New York .

"I like it. Its fantastic."
- Larry Horton in Corpus Christi, Texas .

"Its worked slick"
- Charlie Haskel at Eastern Machine Tool Services in Maine

"It has worked really well for us"
- John McGraf at GEL Corp in Florida

"Works well. Ive done loader buckets, lower arms and center pivots."
- Larry Chapman at ALSOP Sand Company in Kansas

"The best thing I bought since sliced bread. We use it all the time."
- Reggie Joyner at Shelley Lakes Marine in Florida

"We use the heck out of it."
- Steve Kaufman at Columbia Asphalt in Washington

"I like it. Its worked real well."
- Don Irish at Cold River Marine in Maine

"We are very happy with it"
- Jacob Edgar at Edgar Machinery in Texas

"For what we use it for, it works fantastic"
- Connor Langston at Strong Arm Solutions in Arizona

"Dollars and Cents wise, this is the way to do it"
- Eric Kemmer at Texas Port Recycling in Texas

"I have had very good luck with it. It has already more than paid for itself."
-Kirt Jarrett at ANGM Inc in North Carolina

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