Finish Pro
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FINISH PRO time saver type machines for metal cleanup.
Available in WET or DRY versions:

Finish Pro Metal DeBurring-Graining-Finishing Machine
* Motorized Table Lift, with digital readout
* Variable Speed Conveyor
* Conveyor Forward & Reverse
* Belt Safety Overtravel Switches
* Electronic Eye Belt Tracking. Belt tracking adjusting lever (Belt Trimmer) to re-adjust the tracking system when running extremely out of parallel belts
* 4-Jackscrew Table Support
* Double Infeed & Outfeed Pinch Rolls with protective guards
* Conveyor Belt Tracking System
* Safety System with Disc Brake. Air operated disc brakes to stop sanding head in 3-5 seconds in the even of loss of air pressure or activation of any emergency stop device

* Table Height Digital Readout
* Load Meter indicates percentage of full motor loads
* Belt change door electrically interlocked for safety purpose
* Air tensioning of belt for accurate tensioning & compensation of belt stretch
* Quick release sanding head support for fast belt change
* Dust collection hood with 4 outlet is located adjacent to abrasive head in sanding area
* Emergency stops from almost any point
* Noise below 80 dba
CAUTION: Hazardous materials, such as aluminum, titanium, magnesium, etc., should be processed with a dust collection system that conforms to National Fire Protection Association

* Wet Process instead of Dry
* Wet Dust Collector
* Heavy Duty Ducting
* Inverter Drive -CC

Max. Part Width
Abrasive Belt Size
25" x 60"
40.5 x 75"
52 x 85"
Contact Roller Size
8" Dia.
8" Dia.
8" Dia.
Passline Height
34 37"
34 37"
34 37"
Max. Thickness Capacity
Conveyor Drive Speed
8-40 FPM
8-40 FPM
8-40 FPM
Infeed Conveyor Length
Optional Dust Collector Capacity
1100 CFM
1800 CFM
2800 CFM
Main Motor
10 HP
15 HP
30 HP
Conveyor Motor
1 HP
1.5 HP
3 HP
Table Lift Motor
1 HP
1 HP
3 HP
Electrical Requirement
Compress Air needed
2 CFM @ 90 PSI
2 CFM @ 90 PSI
2 CFM @ 90 PSI
Machine Weight
2,950 Lbs
4,650 Lbs
6,650 Lbs
Machine Size LxWxH
55 x 63 x 69
76 x 88 x 81"
89 x 98 x 93"

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