Tank End Flanging
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Tank End Cap Flanging and Dishing Machines:

Available in any size you need, from a small 27 x 50 inch to as huge as you need.
These hydraulic powered flanging and dishing machines are engineered to produce end caps for liquid storage tanks, pressure vessels for the navy, nuclear, food, power generation, petrochemical, and shipyard industries. Great for making oil storage tanks. Manufactured by Akyapak Industrial Machinery Company.

The Akyapak BMB-P hydraulic powered dishing presses are available in a 3 sizes ranges; from 150 to 1600 Tons of power and Diameters of 20 inches to 33 feet. The Presses size 250 Tons and larger are developed with pre-stressed tie-rods with the lower ones having side shoulders because price & performance is important for all sizes of tank manufacturers. The correct capacity of each machine model is being chosen based on the metal thickness, tensile strength, flange width and plate diameter. The BMB-P models dishing press power is calculated for the largest diameter of dies to give you the best cycle time and productivity. The main control screen was developed to be a super user friendly interface to reduce learning time and increase operator skill.

Akyapak tank end flanging and dishing machines are designed for speed and are accurately engineered for the lowest vibration during flanging. The frame constuction is electro-welded and stress relieved. Full hydraulic control and proportional valves are for accurate setting during the flanging so it is easy to operate even by a new operator who does not have any experience on metal forming. It is protected against improper setup and overload by a special hydraulic system engineered for this purpose. Automatic flanging function (optional) available to flange in shortest time without the material thining. Diameter range 500 to 10.000 mm. // 20 inches to 33 feet. Thickness range 2 to 50 mm (cold), 100mm hot // 14 gauge to 2 inch cold, 4 inch hot. With or without center hole available You may require producing the bottom with or without center hole. Both are available in our range. Would you like to flange very thin material? With or without center hole, thin or thick, stainless or mild steel. Dont worry, BMB will flange all of them with material-friendly operation and lowest surface roughness. The correct capacity of each model is choosen based on the material thickness, quality and plate diameter like the BMB-P.

Akyapak promises low vibration during flanging. The whole machine is engineered to give lowest vibration during flanging. Compare this expectation with other machines where their unwanted high vibration problems can lead to short life and frequent breakdown from excess wear on many components of the machine. Akyapak components are choosen for best quality, low maintenance and long lifespan. Many design features are included to avoid operator error. The machine is well engineered for safety. Becoming a skilled operator is quicker on an Akyapak end flanging machine thanks to special automation and a user friendly interface. The BMB is easy to control, and accurately make repeat flanged tank ends.

* The frame of the machine is made by high alloy steel and MIG welded.
* The frame is also stress releived to have tighter tolerances after welding operation.
* Both upper and lower head holders driven by hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders.
* The Knuckle roll is driven by a radial piston hydraulic motor for high speed rotation and torque.
* The Flanging roll is driven by 3 cylinders for vertical and horizontal direction and slides between two main guides.
* The dies are made of high alloy steel and heat treated for hardness.
* A special primer applicated on all body before painting for a long term corrosion resistance.
* Centralized lubrication system by hand pump operation.
* Lower supporting rolls are powered by hydraulic cylinders to support the head during flanging.

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Hydraulic Powered End Cap Flanging Machine model BMB-8
Large Hydraulic Powered End Cap Flanging Machine model BMB-25
Huge Hydraulic Powered End Cap Flanging Machine model BMB-40


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