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Have you considered a Portable Hydraulic Hole Punch?

Are you looking for a faster way to put holes in structural steel than using a magnetic drill press? Then consider a portable hydraulic hole Punch. Takes seconds instead of minutes. What kind of holes can you punch with one of these 35 Ton Porta-Punch machines? You can put a hole up to 13/16" diameter in 1/2" thick steel. You can also punch square holes and slotted holes too. All you need is a standard 115 volt electrical outlet to plug the hydraulic pump into and you are ready to punch holes anywhere.

What size holes can you punch with a Turret Punch Machine?

Do you need to punch a lot of different size holes in sheet metal? Imagine punching different size holes with a simple rotation of a turret. Holes from 1/8 inch diameter to 2.25" diameter. Do you have a small budget or a lack of electricity on the job site? Then a turret punch could be perfect for you. Look at all the different size holes you can punch on the machines we sell. Also look at how thick your steel sheet metal can be. Click to see how many tons is required to punch a hole size that you want to punch. If the steel you need to punch holes into is thick, then maybe you need a hydraulic punch, but if not, maybe you want a turret punch instead.


• Comes with a 1/2 HP, 115 volt electric hydraulic pump, hose and coupling - everything you need.
• Comes in metal carrying case.
• Can punch round, oblong, square, hex and rectangular holes.
• Can be bolted to your work table for production jobs.
• 10 foot long hydraulic hose with 3/8" female coupler.
• Punches a 13/16" round hole through 1/2" thick mild steel.
• Throat depth: 2.75" (thats deep)
• Punch Centerline distance to face: .94"
• Weight: Punch: 32 Lbs. Pump: 29 Lbs.
• Extra Round Punch & Die sets: $59 each. Oblong slot punch sets or square punch sets are $109 each.

PRICE: $4195. includes the 35 ton portable punch, 115 volt portable hydraulic pump, foot pedal, 10 feet of hose, connector coupling, carrying case, and your choice of 4 round punch sizes up to 13/16 diameter.

35 Ton Portable Hydraulic Punch - made in USA

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Portable hole Punch, hydraulic 35 Ton
Portable Hydraulic Pump for hole punch


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A fast,accurate and flexible method of punching in the shop. Priced at what you would expect to pay for a used (second hand) machine, this 18 station, 8-ton punch is built to last. The solid cast and machined C frame and precision machined and ground turret make for smooth effortless punching over the user’s lifetime. Optional Stand $250. Made in Vietnam.

• Capacity: 8 Tons
• Throat Depth: 18"
• Turret Stations: 18
• Punch Range: .125" to 2.25"
• Round Punch sizes included: 1/8", 5/32, 3/16, 7/32, 1/4, 9/32, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 7/8, 1", 1-1/8, 1-1/4, 1-1/2, 2", 2-1/4 inch
• Actuation: Hand Pull Actuated
Max. hole in 18 gauge (.048") thick sheet metal: 1-1/4" dia.
Max. hole in 1/16" thick mild steel sheet metal: 1" diameter
Max. hole in 3/32"(.093) thick mild steel: 5/8" diameter
Max. hole in 1/8" thick mild steel: 9/16" diameter
Max. hole in 10 gauge(.135) thick mild steel: 7/16" diameter
Max. hole in 3/16" thick mild steel: 5/16" diameter
Max. hole in 1/4" thick mild steel: 1/4" diameter
Shipping Weight. (Approx) 600 Lbs.
Machine size: 30 x 37 x 58 inches.

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