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How to Use Machine Tools - Educate yourself:

Do you have some spare time and want to read about how to use a metalworking machine tool? We have a way to learn alot and its FREE. Just visit the American Machine Tools website for information about how to use many of the most popular types machinery. Do you work a job in a machine shop, fab shop or maintenance department? We have 16 different information packed webpages dedicated to informing those of us in the machine tool industry and they are all free. But first visit our Machinery Safety webpage to read a common sense approach to safeguarding yourself and those who work with you. It also links to the important machinery safety section of the OSHA website. In addition to the educational webpages referenced below we have many more such links on the homepage of our website.

Our most popular educational webpage is How to use a Lathe. This section has explanations and 108 different diagrams and charts covering the types of lathe designs, lathe safety, turning operations, speeds, feeds, taper turning, thread cutting, carbide tooling, tool sharpening, chucks, collets, cutting oils and attachments. We recommend reading it, even if you are an experienced machinist. There is more information there than even the most experienced machinist could remember. It is 2 huge long webpages full of information plus references to machinist tables. Also visit our Lathe Diagram webpage which names all the different parts of the typical engine lathe.....a good place to start if you are a beginner.

Our second most popular educational webpage is How to Use a Milling Machine. This section has explanations and 40 different diagrams covering the construction of different types of milling machines, safety rules, milling operations, indexing, milling cutters, collets, arbors, workholding, mill attachments, keyway milling, speeds, feeds, and other useful formulas. Included is information even an experienced machinist may not know.

Our educational section called How to Use a Band Saw has explanations and 21 different diagrams covering the construction of different types of bandsaw machines, cutting operations, saw blade choices, tooth configurations, cutting speeds, and useful attachmen. Every workshop should have a band saw and every worker should know how to safely use one.

If your company has a surface grinder or is thinking about getting one, then make sure you take the opportunity to read our educational section called How to Use a Surface Grinder. It has explanations and 22 different diagrams covering the construction of different types of grinding machines, grinding operations, grinding wheel choices, speeds, feeds, and useful attachments. If your company has one of these machines, remember to always protect yourself against dust getting into your eyes and lungs.

Sure most shop personnel think they know how to use a Drill Press but it is more complicated than you think. We offer explanations and 43 different diagrams covering mounting of workpieces, vises, drill bits, drill sharpening, rake angles, depth stops, countersinking, counterboring, tapping and reamers. Like a bandsaw, every workshop should have a drill press and every worker should know how to safely use one.

People who work with sheet metal think they know How to use a sheet metal Hand Brake Machine but these machines can bend sheet metal into many more shapes than you realize. We provide explanations and 6 different diagrams showing parts lists, adjustments, box and pan making, extension fingers for reinforcing a box shape, open end fingers for making tube shapes, radius fingers, radius formers and gutter making. Even a machine shop could use one of these machines for occassional sheet metal bending.

Think you know which metalworking machine is often called the swiss army knife of machine tools? You probably would if you have worked with one. Hint: this machine can do in a few seconds what normally takes a drill press or a bandsaw, minutes to do. Do you want to punch holes, shear metal plate, notch metal, bend metal, shear angle iron, or notch pipe? Then you should learn about these very versatile machines by clicking on our educational webpage called How to use an Ironworker machine.

Ever thought about getting into the heavy equipment repair business? People charge a lot of money to repair earth moving machines. You will need to do trouble shooting, hydraulics, dis-assembly, assembly, welding and machining. If you are interested, then you will want to learn about how to line bore. We go into deep detail with explanations, photos and videos.

Also on a subject related to line boring is our webpage how to reduce cutting tool chatter. This becomes very important to learn when you are re-boring holes that have been filled in with weld.

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