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Pipe Notchers and Tube Notching Machines

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We offer 6 different machines for notching tube and pipe. Fixed angle electric powered, variable angle hole saw, end mill style or abrasive sand belt style machines. Some can do offset notching too. These notching machines can be wall mounted or table mounted. We also offer an electric die cut tube notcher that is great for playground equipment with very fast and straight notches. Our hole saw tube notcher machines come in three styles. One is a simple and low cost solution that is drill press driven and can miter up to 60°. The second notched at many angles and uses your own hand drill to drive it. Two others have a motor and carriage to drive the hole saw into the pipe or tubing to be notched. These notching machines can miter up to 75 degrees and have off set notching capabilities. But hole saw blades cost extra. We offer two versions of abrasive belt sanding type pipe/tubing notchers. Available in four inch wide and 6 inch wide belt for complex angles up to 3-1/2 inch OD. Finally we offer our end milling notcher, to eccentrically notch pipe and tube up to 3" O.D by milling through a pre-programmed eccentric path.

Baileigh TN-200E Hole Saw Tube Notcher:
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This electric notching machine includes tooling for 1/4” up to 2” schedule 40 size pipes. This is a very powerful and quick pipe coping machine that can produce 90 degree notches in the end of pipe in seconds using very hardened die sets. The dies can simply be replaced as they wear for longevity. This machine requires 220 volts of single phase power. For light duty use only.

TN-200E Electric Tube and Pipe Notcher

Baileigh TN-250 Hole Saw Tubing Notcher:
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Powered by your portable drill with 1/2" chuck. This very special pipe notcher machine has a self centering capture vise that can clamp onto bent tubes in any direction. The only hole saw style tube notcher that is always centered left to right and up and down. Has built-in Protractor to show you the angle the notch will be. Easy positioning adjustments in every direction. Made from heavy steel plate to reduce vibration, it uses a 1-1/4” Thompson® shaft that rides in a sealed needle bearing for longevity of the machine and hole saw. The vise has a powerful screw with a built in hand wheel that opens and closes the unique six radial clamping jaws. Clamps and notches on a bend or straight section of tubing. This notcher can quickly offset for off center notches and does not need annoying shims or spacers. The shaft has a replaceable hex end arbor for your 1/2" drill chuck. Hole saw blades cost extra
Capacity: 1" to 2-1/2” OD.
Max angle: 230 degrees (very steep)
Weight: 50 Lbs.

TN-250 Tube and Pipe Notcher that uses a hole saw and your hand drill

Baileigh TN-300 Hole Saw Tube Notcher:
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This Electric Notching Machine has a vise with quick release so that different notch angles can be quickly set up and locked in with a solid taper lock. Notch up to 60 degrees, or, with extended hole saws and the right size OD, notch up to 75 degrees. Self centering vise on an acme screw for quick tightening and releasing of the material. An offset adjustment is standard for some hand railing or chassis frame work. Powerful motor tied to a direct drive gear reducer turns the hole saw strongly, even at full capacity. The carriage rides on a V-block roller assembly coupled to a large drive wheel for pushing the hole saw. Hole saw blades cost extra. Made in USA.
Notch Capacity: (OD) .5” – 3 inches
Angle Adjustment: 0 - 60 degrees
Motor: .5 hp. 110 volts, 1 phase.
Weight: 250 Lbs

TN-300 Tube and Pipe Notcher that uses a hole saw

Baileigh TN-800 Tube & Pipe Notcher:
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Operator dials in the OD to be notched, such as 1.660" O.D. for 1-1/4" schedule 40 pipe (common hand railing). This will change the eccentric path of the cutter to make a perfect notch. The cross slide table, angle vise, and V-jaws can be independently calibrated allowing accurate positioning of straight, angled, or offset notches. The V-Block vise keeps the part on tightly center with the cutter. There is an offset adjustment for this type of coping. The vise has a quick release taper lock for quick and easy adjustment to a new angle in seconds. X and Y vise adjustment. To prevent climb milling,.single direction hand wheel actuates the eccentric cutting motion. This pipe coper design is perfect for fish mouthing the ends of tubing and pipe of varying wall thickness and outside diameters. Made in USA.
Notch Capacity (OD): 1/2”(min/optional) to 3”(max)
Angle Adjustment: 0 - 60 degrees
Mill Size: 1” standard (.5” optional)
Speed 177 rpm
Motor: 1 hp, 110 volts.
Weight: 610 Lbs.

TN-800 Tube and Pipe Notcher that uses milling cutter

Edwards HS1000 Pipe & Tube Notcher:
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* Made in USA
* Multi-positional vice provides 360° rotation for maximum notching range.
* Vise capable of offset notching with up to 3/4” of vertical movement.
* Compatible with most commercially available hole saws.
* Integrated drawer is perfect for tool storage or extra Hole Saws.
* Multiple scales and alignment guides make repeatable notching simple.
* Safety guarding protects all moving parts.
* CSA/CUS Certification: complies with strict guidelines and electrical requirements.
* Safety Locking ON/OFF Switch.
* Vertical motor orientation reduces vibration.
* Chip guards and downward gear rack prevent chip interference.
* Heavy-duty steel base can be bolted to any work table or the optional stand.
* Integrated base plate guide rails provide smooth travel.
* Motor 3/4 HP, 115V or 230 Volts, 1 Phase, 7 Amps
* Angle Adjustment 360°
* Schedule 40 Pipe Notching Capacity: 3/8 - 2-1/2
* Tube Notching Capacity: 5/8 x 3 O.D.
* Offset Notching Range: 3/4 inch
* Cutting RPM 233
* Shipping Dimensions: 31 x 21 x 34 inches
* Weight: 220 Lbs.
OPTIONAL: Deluxe Stand with shelves

Edwards HS1000 Pipe and Tube Notcher

Photo of Edwards HS1000 Pipe and Tube Notcher

Baileigh Belt Sander Tube & Pipe Notchers:

This abrasive pipe notching machine requires different size mandrels for each different OD intended to notch. Mandrel changing is easy. Just take off the quick change side guard, loosen the belt tension hand wheel so the belt can be slid off. The vise carriage rides on precision shafts for smooth movement during the notching cycle. The vise is self centering for perfect belt positioning every time. The jaws on the vise are a V-block design to keep the part on center with the notching spindle, to hold the part more securely. The vise has an offset adjustment when more metal is required for strength required. The feed lever is pivoted to make notching easy for the operator. The carriage stop is for repeatable notches. Made in USA.
TN-400 Belt Sander Tube & Pipe Notcher:
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CAPACITY: (OD) .75" to 2" @ 45° OR 3" @ 90°
Angle Adjustment: 0 to 60 degrees
Belt Size: 4" wide x 79" long
Belt Speed: 5420 feet per minute
Motor: 3 hp, 220 Volts, 1 phase
Weight 450 Lbs
TN-600 Belt Sander Tube & Pipe Notcher:
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Steel or Aluminum Pipe (Schedule 40): 2.5"
Steel or Aluminum Round Tube: 3"
Mild Steel Solid Rod: 3"
Mild Steel Square Tube: 3"
Minimum OD: .75"
Belt Size: 6" wide x 79" long
Electrics: 220 Volts, 1 phase
Weight: 425 Lbs.

TN-400 and TN-600 Belt Sander Tube & Pipe Notchers

WP-1800 Tube & Pipe Welding Positioner:
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Portable rotary welding table can be brought to your job site or moved around your fab shop. 110 volt motor with DC variable speed drive for very high torque even at slow speeds. This helps eliminate chatter in your weld pattern. The machine works by you putting your ground clamp on the ground peg, connect the electricity and turn it on. The variable rotation speed (1/8-6 RPM) is controlled by the foot pedal control. If you want to override the foot pedal, the machine can be operated by the control panel as well. Made in USA.
• Variable speed DC drive with foot pedal control allows hands free welding, grinding, or brazing.
• Comes with 8" chuck and 2-3/8" through hole.
• Rotation Speed: 0 to -6 RPM
• Weight: 250 lbs.

Pipe and Tube rotating Welding Positioner

DIGITAL ANGLE FINDER for Tube and Pipe Bending in different Planes:
$145 when purchased with a machine.

The AF-360D angle finder makes it possible to accurately rotate your tube or pipe to the next angle after the previous bend is completed. A tube or pipe bender that has a positioning table is complimented with the attachment of an AF-360D angle finder. Attach the AF-360D to the following end of tube or pipe before bending, complete a bend and rotate material accurately to the desired angle and before next bend. Digital indicator accurately detects where plane of bend is within total 360 ° rotation in 90° increments. Ensures that pipe or tube stays on a level plane. Immediate payback due to material savings when tube bending. Perfect for all applications that require more than one bend in material.

The AF-360D-Holder makes tube measuring angles while tube bending easier when used in conjunction with the AF-360D digital angel finder. This solid billet holder will clamp on tube from ¾” up to 3-1/2” outside diameter and holds the AF-360D securely in place for the greatest accuracy available.

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