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Tin Knocker HVAC Machines
for making Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Duct work.

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Here is a list of many of our Tin Knocker machines for making HVAC ductwork. These machines are popular for HVAC shops on a tight budget. Though the machines are imported, they are excellent copies of American made machines.
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30 gauge
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26 ga.
24 ga.
22 ga.
20 ga .
18 ga.
16 ga.
14 ga.
13 ga.
12 gauge
.0125 "

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Portable little rollformer is a work horse for 24 gauge and lighter material. It is available with power flanging attachment and is perfect for field use. With the optional, all steel stand. Powered by a 1/2 HP motor, 115 volt. Capacity: 24 gauge (.024") to 28 gauge.
Speed: 35 fpm. Weight: 275 Lbs. Manufactured in Vietnam.
Tin Knocker portable pittsburg lock forming rollformer machine

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5 station 20 Gauge Pittsburgh lock rollformer is offered with choice of Drive Cleat or Acme rolls on the other outboard side. Powered by a 1 HP motor, 115 volts. Manufactured in Vietnam.
Capacity: 26 gauge(.018") to 20 gauge (.036")
Speed: 18 fpm.
Power Flanging Attachment - $950.
Right Angle Flange Rolls - $950.

Tinknocker 20 gauge Pittsburgh type lockformer
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9 Station Button Lock Rollformer means no hammering over of edges. The Button Lock roll former comes with "male" tooling on one side and "female" on the opposing side. A fast, effective way of snapping together 20 to 26 gauge HVAC duct sections. Made in Vietnam.
Powered by a 3 HP motor, 230 volt, 3 phase.
Capacity 20 - 26 gauge.
Speed: 60 fpm.
A 220 volt, single phase 5 HP version costs $775 extra.
Button Lock Rollforming Machine manufactured by Tin Knocker
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A great machine to turn that scrap sheet metal into "S" and Drive Cleats. A fast payback item, especially when purchased with the Slip & and Drive Slitter Attachment that is now included. For an extra cost you can add a set of optional roll to the open set of rollforming shafts such as Pittsburgh, Male Button Snap Lock or Female Button Snap Lock. Made in Vietnam.
* Capacity: 22 - 26 gauge galvanized mild steel
* Uses approx. 3-5/8" of metal for S-Cleats, 2-1/8" for Drive Cleats
* Width of S-Cleat: 1-1/16"
* Width of Drive Cleat: 1-1/8"
* Motor Electrics: 3 HP, 1725 RPM, 230 volts, 3 phase.
* Optional Motor: 230 volts, 1 phase: $775 extra.
* Weight: 500 Lbs.
This rollforming machine makes slips and drives and has room for another set of forming rolls.

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Configured with S Lock & Drive Cleat rolls down the center and one choice of either Male & Female Button Lock or Pittsburgh Rolls with 3 in 1 rolls (Right Angle flange, Standing seam & Tee connection). This machine comes standard with an S & Drive Slitter to turn scrap into useful product. 100 fpm. Imported.

Capacities: Drive cleats 20 - 26 gauge, S cleats 22 - 28 gauge, Pittsburgh lock 20 - 28 gauge, Right Angle flange 22 - 26 gauge, Standing seam 22 - 26 gauge, Tee connection 22 - 26 gauge, Male-female button lock 20 - 24 gauge.
5 HP motor, 230 volt, 3 phase. Optional: 5 HP single phase $775.

Photo of TinKnocker Fourplex Cleat foming machine


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Stop cross braking! Save time! Save man power with a one man operation. This heavy duty 16 gauge (.06") beader comes with 5 sets of bead tooling that can be located anywhere over the 60" working length. Tooling is easily replaced if damaged. Exit support roll is powered to reduce hang up of metal. Manufactured in Vietnam.
Capabilities: 16 gauge (.060") x 60" mild steel or galvanized.
Powered by a 1 HP motor, 115 volts, single phase.
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Picture of Duct Beader
Sturdy 24 inch throat slitters with quick adjusting back gauge and scale.
Shown with optional stand.

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2024 Slitter $2895 1624 Slitter $3395.
Capactiy: 20 Gauge (.036") Capacity: 16 Gauge (.06")
Throat: 24" Throat: 24"
Motor: 1/2 HP, 115v Motor: 3/4 HP, 115v
Minimum Slitting Width: 1.25" Minimum Slitting Width: 1.25"
Maximum Slitting Width: 24.25" Maximum Slitting Width: 24.25"
Speed (Approx.): 90 FPM Speed (Approx.): 90 FPM
Shipping Weight: 300 lbs. Shipping Weight: 485 lbs.

Photo of TinKnocker metal cutting Slitter

TinKnocker MANUAL RIGHT ANGLE FLANGER: 20 gauge $775.

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This Tin Knocker hand flanger puts a 7/32" flange on HVAC elbows and other radius fittings. Bench mounted, there is no gauge to set, and requires no special tools. Made in Vietnam.

Capacity: 20 gauge x 7/32"
Minimum Radius: 1 3/4"
Machine size: 10"L x 5"W x 24"H
Shipping Weight: 25 lbs (11kg)

Photo of TinKnocker Manual Flanger for making HVAC Elbows

Tin Knocker CLEAT BENDER: $925.

30 inch long. Quickly forms uniform drive cleat edges on rectangular duct with no required set up or adjustment. The upper handle forms the cleat and the lower handle opens the work space for easy removal of the metal. Made in Vietnam.
Capacity: 20 gauge mild steel (.036" or 1.0mm).
Cleat Depth: .50" (12.7mm)
Weight: Approx. 126 lbs. (57kg)

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Photo of TinKnocker Cleat Bender

Tin Knocker 24" two sided CHEEK BENDER: $825.

Bench mounted, this machine comes ready for service. Consistent bends are a certainty due to the two-way trunion keeping the bending apron in position at the origin of the bend.
Adjusts for 1/4" to 7/8" bends (6.35mm - 22.2mm).
Capacity: 20 gauge mild steel (.036" or 1.0mm). Note: Shims are required for 28 gauge and lighter metal. Weight: 96 lbs (44kg)

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Photo of Tin Knocker Cheek Bender

Pull lever Sheet Metal Corner Notcher: $975.

Notching Force: 4 Tons
Maximum Notching size: 5" x 5 inches [125 x 125mm]
Metal Notching Capacity: 16 gauge (.06") [1.6mm]
Metal Piercing Capacity: 18 gauge (.045")[1.2mm]
Stroke: 3/4 inch
Weight: 165 Lbs. [75 kg]
Machine Size: 24 x 21 x 26 inches

Optional Stand: $185. extra

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Pull Lever Sheet Metal Corner Notcher

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