Edwards 120 ton
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Huge! Super Powerful! The Edwards 120 Ton Jaws V Ironworker machine is an extra heavy duty machine that is engineered to do any and all the ironwork needed at every fabrication shop, no matter how big. The machine is completely made in the USA. The 120 Ton powerhouse includes a Punching Assembly on the right side with a Pedestal Die Table, a 24 inch wide Flat Bar Shear in the lower middle, a 6 x 6" Angle Iron Shear in the upper middle, a 3 x 6" Coper-Notcher on the left side, and an open hydraulic powered cavity to use many tooling accessories such as the Press Brake, Pipe Notcher, V-Notcher, or Rod Shear. Click to see a VIDEO of the Edwards 120 Ton Hydraulic Ironworker Machine punching holes, VIDEO of the 6 x 6 Angle Iron Shear, VIDEO of the huge 24 inch Flat Bar Shear and VIDEO or the Coper-Notcher.

We also offer the machine with a Hydraulic Accessory Connector Panel option to allow the hydraulic pump on this machine to power the Edwards 10 Ton Tube&Pipe Bender, Horizontal Press Brake, Roll Bender, 20 Ton, 40 ton, 60 ton or 110 ton hydraulic Shop Press. All the Edwards Ironworker machines 50 ton and larger come with at least 4 hydraulic powered work stations, electric stroke control, OSHA compliant safety guarding, lockout switch, and UL approved controls. And dont forget to look at the huge list of metalworking options with photos shown below!
Edwards 120 ton Ironworker machine - front photo

* Hole Punching Assembly installed on the left side
* Coper-Notcher on the right side
* Flat bar shear built in - blades included - low rake
* Angle shear built in - blades included
* Spare hydraulic powered opening to use other tooling
* Electronic Up and Down Stroke Control System
* Adjustable steel punch strippers
* Fast adjusting hold down bars
* Threaded holes in tables for jigs
* Pedestal Die Table (for punching angle iron 2" on center)
* Threaded hole on back for optional back gauge
* Slots for gauge feeding tables
* Comfortable working heights
* Remote foot pedal operation
* Direct drive pump - no belts
* Fully Guarded
* Sound insulated
* Hydraulic system fully charged - ready to operate
* Made in USA
Punching Capacity: 120 Tons
Throat: 11"
Punching Capacity Example: 1-1/2" diameter hole thru 1" plate if you buy the
optional Oversize Punching Assembly.
Shearing Capacity: 120 Tons
Maximum cut: 1" x 12" or 1/2" x 24"
Max. round capacity: 1-1/4"
Max. square capacity: 1-1/4"
Maximum Size: 6" x 6" x 1/2" angle iron
Maximum Size: 3" x 6" x 1/2" angle iron
All ratings are based on A36 steel @ 65,000psi max tensile strength
OPEN hydraulic powered CAVITY:
11.75" wide x 9" high
Open height: 9-1/8" (important to fit custom die sets)
Shut height: 7-1/8"
Stroke: 2"
Cycle time: 2 seconds to shear 1/2" x 2" steel flat bar
Hydraulic pump size: 24 gpm @ 3800psi
Reservoir size: 17 gallons
Hydraulic Cylinder: 2.75" cylinder
Machine Dimensions: 60" wide x 60" x 79.5" High
Machine weight: 5500 Lbs.
Standard: 10 HP, 3 phase, 230 volts, 3450 RPM, 26 amps
(or you can order 3 phase, 208 volts, 26 amps)
Electric motor options that cost extra:
10 HP, 3 phase, 440/480 volts 12 amps (Extra cost)
10 HP, 3 phase, 575 volt, 10 amps (Extra cost)
10 HP, 1 phase, 230 volts, 40 amps (Extra cost)

10 HP, 1 phase, 230 volts, 40 amps, hyd access option (Extra cost)
10 HP, 3 phase, 380 volts, 30 amps, 50 Hz - international use (Extra cost)

We are not permitted to show you our lowest price so call us or click to request a quote to get a better deal that includes discount shipping and a FREE Tool Box of 8 Punch & Die Sets!
Edwards 120 ton @ 3 phase, 230 volts: $35,799.
Edwards 120 ton @ 3 phase, 208 volts: $35,799.
Edwards 120 ton @ 3 phase, 460 volts: $36,299.
Edwards 120 ton @ 3 phase, 575 volts: $36,799.
Edwards 120 ton @ 3 phase, 380 volts: $36,399. (50 Hz for international use)
Click to Request Our Lowest Discount Price and info packet
Hydraulic accessory connector pack PRICES with Hydraulic Powerlink Connection Panel:

Edwards 120 ton with Hydraulic Accessory Connect @ 3 phase, 230 volts: $37,399.
Edwards 120 ton with Hydraulic Accessory Connect @ 3 phase, 208 volts: $37,399.
Edwards 120 ton with Hydraulic Accessory Connect @ 3 phase, 460 volts: $37,899.
Edwards 120 ton with Hydraulic Accessory Connect @ 3 phase, 575 volts: $38,399.
Edwards 120 ton, Hydraulic Accessory Connect @ 3 phase, 380 volts: $37,999. (50 Hz)
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Edwards 120 ton Ironworker machine angled photo

Edwards 120 ton Ironworker machine end photo

Edwards 120 ton Ironworker machine rear photo

OPTIONS AVAILABLE for the Edwards 120 ton Ironworker:


Tool Box of 8 round Punch & Die Sets

TOOL BOX OF 8 round PUNCH & DIE SETS: $379.

FREE with purchase of a new Ironworker!
Choose 8 sizes from 3/16 up to 1-1/16 diameter.
These hardened Punch & Die Sets are available in the following sizes: 1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 7/32, 1/4, 9/32, 5/16, 11/32, 3/8, 13/32, 7/16, 15/32, 1/2, 17/32, 9/16, 19/32, 5/8, 21/32, 11/16, 23/32, 3/4, 25/32, 13/16, 27/32, 7/8, 29/32, 15/16, 31/32, 1", 1-1/32, 1-1/16.
We normally recommend the following clearance hole sizes for common size American bolts - 7/32 for #10 screws, 5/16 for a 1/4 inch screws, 7/16 for 3/8 bolts, 9/16 for 1/2 bolts, 11/16 for 5/8 bolts, 13/16 for 3/4 bolts and 1-1/16 for 1" bolts.
The die will have 1/32" clearance over the punch.

Round Punch & Die Set
Round Punch & Die
Oblong Punch & Die Set
Oblong Punch & Die


ROUND up to 1-1/16": $49.
OVERSIZE ROUND up to 1-9/16": $99.
OBLONG up to 1-1/16": $189.
SQUARE up to 13/16": $169.
HEX up to 25/32": $239.

The die will have 1/32" clearance over the punch.
A notched coupling nut ($65) will be needed to use a 13/16 square punch.

Click for a List of our Edwards Punch & Die sizes

Square Punch & Die Set
Square Punch & Die
Hex Punch & Die Set
Hex Punch & Die
Photo shows Coper-Notcher in 55 ton


The Coper Notcher tool is for biting off a piece of metal instead of using a vertical bandsaw or torch. This tool has an upper jaw the bites down into a lower jaw. The capacity to notch steel is 3" wide x 6" long in steel up to 1/2" thick. It is capable of biting off a square shape, rectangle shape or V-shape. The rectangular notch is useful for coping back a flange on a piece of angle iron so it can fit up against another angle or channel at 90 degrees. You can V-shape notch by turning your part at 45 degrees to the machine. V-notching is useful when making a frame out of angle iron. You V notch where you plan to bend the angle to 90 degrees. Click to see the Coper-Notcher VIDEO.

The safety guard was removed for the photo, but you must use the safety guards to help prevent accidents.

Press Brake Tool for Edwards Ironworker Machine

10" $1319.

Bend flat steel that is up to 1/4 inch thick! Occasionally 3/8" thick. This Press Brake Tool includes a standard wedge shaped top die and a V-shaped four-way bottom die that allows for 1/16", 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4" material to be bent to a 90 angle or smaller angle. The bottom brake die is held with brackets that easily bolt to the mounting table. Repeat the same bend angles by using the Ironworker electric stroke control to stop the top die at the desired depth for the angle you bend.
It easily mounts in the open jaw on the right side of the machine. Click to see a VIDEO.

Back gauge image


How to make REPEAT BENDS? Use this Back Gauge to measure the bend line distance for your press brake tool along with using the electric stroke control that is included with your Edwards 55 ton Ironworker. Just bolt it on to the Edwards Ironworker Brake Tool. It has an easy to use hand crank to position it with your tape measure.

Pipe Notcher picture
Pipe Notcher Die set

Pipe Notcher Housing: $429. (needed)
1/2" Pipe Notching Die: $479.
3/4" Pipe Notching Die: $519.
1" Pipe Notching Die: $549.
1-1/4" Pipe Notching Die: $589.
1-1/2" Pipe Notching Die: $629.
2" Pipe Notching Die: $659

The Pipe Notcher saves the time of cutting and grinding to make a semi-circle saddle style 90 degree joint connection of one piece of pipe to another. Just stick the end of your pipe into the housing and step on the foot pedal, then rotate 180 degres and repeat. Total time to make a perfect notch is 8 seconds. Great for making railings and cattle fencing out of schedule 40 pipe. Schedule 80 size and Tubing size notchers are available on special order. To order you buy the Pipe Notcher Housing plus the Notching Die.
It easily mounts in the open jaw on the right side of the machine. Click to see a VIDEO.

The safety guard was removed for the photo, but you must use the safety guards to help prevent accidents.

Turret for holding 3 pipe notchers


This turret holds up to 3 different size pipe notching dies and rotates so that you can quickly position the size you want for your next notch. It easily mounts in the open jaw on the right side of the machine.

Angle V Notcher


The Angle Notcher bites out a 92 V-notch out of the lower leg of angle iron. V-notcher works on angle iron up to 3" x 3" x 1/4" size. This is great for making steel frames out of angle iron that is to be bent at 90 degress. It easily mounts in the open jaw on the right side of the machine.

Edwards Rod Shear option

ROD SHEAR : $1539.

The flat bar shear on the Ironworker can cut round rod but the ends do not look pretty. If you need to cut a lot of solid round rod without the blade leaving a distorted flat spot at the end, then you will want this tool. It cuts 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and 1" solid round rod. It easily mounts in the open jaw on the right side of the machine.

Image of Back Gauge for Ironworker

BACK GAUGE, Manual Cut (shown): $279.
BACK GAUGE, Automatic Cut(not shown): $909.

The Back Gauge measures out 48 inches for repeat cutting of parts to length on the Angle Shear and Flat Bar Shear. On the back of the 55 ton Ironworker there is a threaded hole to screw in this Back Gauge.
The Automatic Cut version has a trigger that you push the metal against and that automatically cycles the machine to cut your metal without stepping on the foot pedal.

Extra large Hole Punching

(for holes up to 1-9/16" diameter)
(for holes and hole patterns up to 4" diameter)

If you need to punch holes larger than 1-1/16 diameter, then you need either the Oversize Punching Assembly (1-9/16" capacity) or the Extra Large 241 Punching Assembly (up to 4" capacity). The Extra Large 241 Punching Assembly can also hold special multi-hole punches so you can punch unusual shapes or multiple holes at one time as long as they can fit within a 4" circle.

The safety guard was moved for the photo, but you must use the safety guards to help prevent accidents.

3/8" thick PUNCH GAUGING TABLE: $239.
1" thick PUNCH GAUGING TABLE: $789.

If you have repeat position hole punching to do then you need one of our Gauging Table Kits. It comes with a 12" x 16" table that bolts onto the standard or oversize Pedestal Die Table. The kit also includes an adjustable fence bar for front to back and an adjustable fence bar for left to right positioning. Each fence bar has handles that clamp down to the table slots to guide your metal parts into the same position for making repeat parts.

The safety guard was moved for the photo, but you must use the safety guards to help prevent accidents.

Fence guides to position your parts


A Fence Bar can be used as a straight edge on your flat bar shear to guide a perfect 90 degree cut. The flat bar shear table plate has a mounting slot for it.
The fence bars also come free with the punch gauging tables shown above to act as positioning bars: 1 behind the punch and 1 to the left of the punch. Great for punching holes in the same exact positions.

Stripper Reducing Plate


The purpose is to minimize distortion when punching thinner metals, especially when using smaller punches. It mounts to your stripper bar with 2 screws and has a spring loaded pin to align it. It can be swung away when its not used.


This special stripper works differently than the less expensive Stripper Reducing Plate because it maintains constant pressure while punching which will minimize distortion of delicate metal parts, thin metal parts and soft copper buss bars.


Set any angle you want on this Protractor Angle Gauge when shearing flat steel or when punching slotted holes. The Protractor has notches every 15 and also at 22.5 but it is often used at 90. It works by fitting into the slot on the shear table, punch gauging table or up against the punch table. Its also reversible so people who are left handed will find it just as easy to use.

Work light option

Magnetic WORK LIGHT : $99.

Is your show not well lit? Then consider this super bright LED work light that plugs into all Edwards Ironworkers made after 2014 with an M12 connector and has a 100,000 hour rating. Super durable lexan lens and magnetic base allow you to attach the light on any metal surface on the machine. Good lighting can help improve the quality of your work. 3 are included free and mounted at the flat bar shear on your Ironworker Machine.

Hydraulic accessory connector pack


This cool option allows you to easily plug in another machine to the hydraulic pump of your ironworker such as the pipe bender, 20 ton tabletop shop press, 40 ton, 60 ton, or 110 ton shop press, radius rolling machine or the horizontal press brake. See below. Since it is very difficult to install this later it must be ordered when you buy your machine.

Image of Edwards Pipe and Tube Bender


This machine connects to the Hydraulic Accessory Connector on your new Edwards Ironworker.
• 10 Tons of force
• 2" (10) Schedule 40 Pipe Capacity
• 2-1/2" (00) .095" wall Tube Capacity
• 2-1/4" .083" Chromoly Capacity
• Die Sets Sold Separately - click to see the list of die sets
• Cylinder 1-3/4" ram • Stroke 14"
• Heavy Duly All Steel Construction • Smooth, Fast operation • 180 Degree Bend Capacity • Easy To Use Hand Controls • Operates Horizontal or Vertically • Heavy Duty Rolling and Locking Stand • Auto Stop Feature For Repeatable Bends • Quick Disconnect Hoses

Edwards 20 ton hydraulic shop press


Plug in accessory to a new Edwards Ironworker machine that has the hydraulic accessory connector option.
Heavy duty all steel construction
Easy to use hand controls
Quick disconnect hoses
Cylinder with 2 inch Ram, 6-1/4" stroke
Width between frame columns: 20"
Excellent table top machine
Optional Press Brake Tooling available:
18 inches long $1849. extra (can bend 1/4 thick x 18" wide)

Edwards Hydraulic Shop Press

40 ton $6499 /60 ton $9799 /110 ton $15,999

The 40 ton, 60 ton and 110 ton Shop Presses are available as a plug in accessory to a new Edwards Ironworker machine that has the hydraulic accessory connector.
Heavy duty all steel construction
Easy to use hand controls
Quick disconnect hoses
Stroke: 12 1/4"
Width inside frame: 40 ton: 38" / 60 ton: 42" / 110 ton: 48"
Height inside frame: 40 ton 38" / 60 ton: 39" / 110 ton: 37"
Optional Press Brake Tooling as seen in photo:
can bend 3/16 x 32", 1/4 x 24", 3/8 x 6" wide.

Pres Brake Option for the hydraulic shop press Press Brake Tooling:
12 inches long $1849.
18 inches long $2199.
24 inches long $2799.
32 inches long $3699.
36 inches long $4599.
40 inches long $4999.
Edwards Radius Rolling machine


For curving flat bar, pipe, tubing and angle iron. Plug it into your Edwards Ironworker with the Hydraulic Accessory Connector. Dial in the variable speed hydraulic drive for each bending jobs. Easily change the machine from vertical for smaller parts to horizontal for long parts. The machine comes standard with a set of flat rolls.
Angle Iron: 2 x 2 x 1/4.
Square Tube: 2 inch with 1/8" wall thickness.
Flat Bar: 4 x .75" easy way / 3/8 x 2 hard way
Round Pipe: 2" schedule 40 (optional rolls required)
Round Tube: 2.5" dia x .095 wall (optional rolls required)
Round Bar: 1.375" diameter (optional rolls required)

Horizontal Press Brake


This machine comes with standard V-die tooling for simple bends but you can put other different tooling shapes on the vertical shafts of this machine to form, bend, and straighten metal. This machine can quickly connect to your Edwards Ironworker. Designed for maximum tooling flexibility, the 4 pin locations are locked with a simple crank for inboard tool squaring. Digital encoder reads positive stop for accurate repeatability within 0.01".
Stroke: 10 inches. Work height: 38 inches

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