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Wire Gauge need per amperage

Saw blades

Drill sizes

Cutting speeds and coolants

Recommended cutting fluids

Speeds and feeds for drills

Tap drill sizes for Screw threads

More Tap drill sizes for Screw threads

Table of Grinding wheels

Table of recommended Rake and Relief angle for lathes

Table of Cutting feeds


Taper pins

Screw threads

More screw threads

Diagram of metric threads

Screw thread chart 1

Screw thread chart continued 2

Screw thread chart continued 3

Screw thread chart continued 4

Screw thread chart continued 5

Screw thread chart continued 6

Screw thread chart continued 7

Screw thread chart continued 8

Screw thread chart continued 9

Screw thread chart continued 10

Screw thread chart continued 11

Wire measurements and Milling machine cutting speeds

Milling cutter speeds

Table of Woodruff keys, square keys and T-slots

Table of Involute Milling cutters

Table of spline fits

Mill cutting speeds for metals, aluminum, stainless steel

Milling machine pulley combinations

More Milling machine pulley combinations

More Milling machine pulley combinations

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