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January, 2013 Blog:
JET Machine Tools Company introduces RED ASSURANCE:

Is your company in the USA? Make sure you consider a JET machine when you are looking to buy a new lathe, mill, drill, saw or belt sander machine. Jet's RED ASSURANCE is the name they give to their philosophy of extra helpful service and support after the sale. Designed to be the industry's most dependable service and support guarantee, the RED ASSURANCE philosophy is designed to give you extra peace of mind that you are making a good choice when you choose JET.

Since 1958 JET has sustained a commanding presence in the industry. This can be accreditted to their unparalleled after sales and service support. For over fifty years, JET's philosophy has been and always will be to satisfy the needs and demands of our customers.

JET service has been rated by customers as a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 due to their technical support and customer service. The centrally located JET warehouse in Tennessee normally has over 40,000 parts in stock to back up their warranty commitments. If a JET machine needs service or repair, they have over 750 authorized service centers located accross the USA so that there is at least one in all 50 states. The JET website now gives you the ability to retrieve product manuals by catagory and the locations of an authorized service center near you by postal zip code.

Going forward, look for the JET RED Assurance stamp. When you see it, you can rest assured that behind every product is decades of Reliability, Expertise and Dependability.

JET Red Assurance Service and Support


U.S. Customer Service
• Customer rated 9 out 10
• Centrally located in Nashville, Tennessee
• Customer service available 8am - 5 pm C.S.T. 800-274-6848

Industry Leading Warranties
• Jet warranties vary between 2, 3, and 5 years depending on product catagory.

Authorized Service Centers
• Over 750 locations
• Coverage in all 50 states
• Annually re-certified.


U.S. Tech Support
• Over half a centruy of experience and expertise.
• Centrally located in Nashville, Tennessee.
• Tech support available 8am - 5 pm central standard time 800-274-6846

Huge Stocking Warehouse
• Over 40,000 unique parts in stock ready to ship within 48 hours.
• Support for machines up to 8 years after discontinuance.

Online Resources
• Manuals, specs, images, catalogs and promotions.
• Parts and availabilty.
• Service center locator

For more information about a JET machine for your company, call and talk to an authorized JET representative at American Machine Tools Company 773-334-5000.

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