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April, 2018:
Buy a 55 Ton Ironworker - get a FREE Coper or Press Brake Tool:
Were you sitting on the fence on the decision to buy an Ironworker machine? Well, we are giving away a FREE Coper-Notcher Tool or a FREE Press Brake Tool with every Edwards 55 Ton Ironworker Machine purchased by April 29. These tools cost over a thousands dollars each so this is a great time to buy an American made Edwards Ironworker to do the same amount of work as 10 drill presses and 10 band saws. But hurry, this offer expires April 29.

Coper-Notcher Tool Edwards Press Brake Tool

Coper-Notcher or Press Brake Toll with Ironworker Machine

March, 2018:
Precision Press Brake Operator Certification Course:
This two day seminar covers bend functions, tooling selection, math fundamentals and safety. A great course for press brake machine operators, engineers, and others who want to improve their design, communication, and execution of press brake functions. The instructor has 30 years of experience in the sheet metal industry and is the author of the booklet Bending Basics. This seminar is hosted May 20 - 21 at Mitsubishi Laser in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, near the Chicago OHare Airport. Contact the FMA to reserve a spot.

Chicago hydraulic press  brake machine
February, 2018:
Consider a Custom Press Brake Die Set:
Do you have a difficult sheet metal part that you often bend with your standard tooling but it always takes too long to make? Or are you fabricating too many rejects that end up in the scrap bin? Then perhaps its time to consider a custom made die set for your press brake machine. Let American Machine Tools Company take a look at your part drawing to see if we can save you time and money with a custom made die set that will save you fabrication time and eliminate quality problems. There are simple custom made die sets we can make for brake press machine so it can quickly pump out radius shapes, channel shapes, hemmed edges, corrugating and others. Just call us and talk to Larry, our die specialist, or visit our webpages for press brake dies at:
Radius Die Set for a press brake
January, 2018:
Need a machinery Serviceman near Louisiana?
We are writing to tell you about a great experience we had with a machinery serviceman in Louisiana.
The story: A brand new 120 ton Ironworker machine would not generate full tonnage. The obvious cause was not the real cause. So after nobody could figure it out we hired Olympic Machine Repair and they figured out the cause and fixed it within 24 hours and under budget. So if you ever need a serviceman in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas or east Texas to fix your machinery problem, we suggest that you call Fred Sanders of Olympic Machine Repair: 318-268-7335.
Fred Sanders
Olympic Machine Repair
216 Canal Street
Heflin, LA 71039
December, 2018:
12 foot long Push button Metal Bending Machine in stock:
Chicago Dreis & Krump model HSB-1218 Hydraulic Leaf Brake. 18 gauge capacity. Perfect for sheet metal fabricators and roofers. This push button metal bending machine is currently in stock ready to ship with the optional push button electric powered back gauge and digital readout: $22,900. Choose from 220 Volts, 3 phase or 440 volts 3 phase electrics. Buy it now to get the year end 2018 tax write-off. Call Larry at 773-334-5000 for a formal quotation with photos and specifications and a flat bed truck shipping quote to get the machine to your shop.
Sheet Metal Bending Machine
November, 2018:
Used 2008 Edwards 65 Ton Ironworker with press brake $8500:
For less than half the cost of new it includes the press brake tool option, the coper-notcher, a 24 inch wide flat bar shear and a 5 x 5 angle iron shear. 220 Volts, 1 phase electrics. Our customer bought a brand new 100 ton Ironworker machine. Buy now to get the year end 2018 tax write-off. Call Michael at 773-334-5000 for photos, info and the owners telephone number. The machine is currently in Tennessee waiting for its next owner.
Photo of used Edwards 65 ton Ironworker
November, 2018:
2018 IRS Section 179 Tax Deduction for Machinery:
• All metalworking machinery qualifies for this IRS tax deduction!
• Get an Immediate 100% federal income tax deduction off your 2018 tax return for the full cost of the metalworking machinery you buy from us (up to the $500,000 business deduction allowance).
• Your company can still use the IRS Section 179 Tax Deduction if you lease or finance the equipment.
• The tax deduction works for C-Corps, S-Corps, LLCs, etc.
• Check with your accountant or tax advisor for more information about how the deduction applies to your situation.
Section 179 IRS Tax Writeoff
October, 2017:
FABTECH Machinery Show comes to Atlanta November 6 - 8:
If you are near Atlanta, visit the Fabtech Machinery Show and see over 1600 exhitbitors of fabrication machinery, equipment, tooling and services at the Georgia World Congress Center. But hurry up and register online. Free registration for Fabtech ends Friday, November 2. After that it costs $50 at the door! The show goes from Tuesday November 6 to Thursday November 8. Consider registering for one of the 130 different 2 hour educational seminars on 3D, Automation, Cutting, Finishing, Forming, Job Shop, Lasers, Lean Mfg, Management and Sales, Safety, Stamping, Structural work, and Welding to earn AWS, FMA and SME Recertification Credits. Wednesday morning there is a Women of Fabtech Breakfast and if you are athletic, there is a 5K charity Run4Mfg on thursday.
Fabtech 2018 in Atlanta
October, 2018:
Manufacturing Day is Friday, October 5, 2018:
Mfg Day is a national event accross the USA, Canada and Mexico that celebrates north-american manufacturing and recruits high school students and college students to careers in manufacturing fields. By participating in Manufacturing Day, manufacturers and teachers can help eliminate the skilled labor shortage by inspiring a new generation of students to become the future generation of well paid fabricators, machinists, assemblers and quality control specialists. And young people can learn about the great career opportunities that are available. Mfg day is also designed to boost the public image and future growth of the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing Day was started in 2012 by a group of industry organizations with the goal of correcting misperceptions about manufacturing and connecting with younger generations. A win-win for our country. For more information on how you can participate, or how your company can host (open house, facility tour, job fair), please visit the official website
Mfg Day celebrates manufacturing and recruits a new generation of workers
September, 2018:
IMTS 2018 was the biggest ever with 129,000 people!
This month's 2018 International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago, Illinois set a record with 129,000 people visiting 2123 booths in 1.4 million square feet of exhibit space. Even the famous IMTS Hot Air Balloon was outside the show. If you missed the show, the next one will be in September 2020. The keynote speech by Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner discussed some interesting facts about Illinois including that Illinois is the 17th largest manufacturing economy in the world, generates 600,000 manufacturing jobs, and produces $100 billion dollars in manufactured products. For those of you who work with sheet metal, plate, pipe and structural steel, November 6 - 8 there will be the Fabtech Show in Atlanta.
Photo of the IMTS Show in Chicago
August, 2018:
IMTS is coming to Chicago! Make your reservations!
The International Manufacturing Technology Show is coming to Chicago starting Monday September 10 to Friday September 15. There will be no Saturday show this year. You can get a business write-off to pay for your visit during the best time of year to visit Chicago. After the machine tool show, make sure to enjoy some of the Chicago nightlife. There are 2 museums within walking distance of the show. You will also go home knowing that the whole trip was a business write-off.
The show is located at the huge McCormick Place convention center along Lake Michigan just south of downtown Chicago. The show is divided up into 4 main buildings. The east building has all the EDM machines, quality control and CAD-CAM software companies. Make sure you have lunch on the east veranda facing the lake. It is a beautiful view. The west building has tooling and workholding. The south building is where the big CNC machining centers and turning centers are located with some booths being 2 floors high. The north building has saws, lasers and other exhibitors. There are also many educational conferences throughout the week. Along with all the technology in the 10 sections at IMTS are 4 co-located show sections:
• Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives (IAMD) USA
• Surface Technology USA
• ComVac USA
• Industrial Supply USA
For more information visit

IMTS 2018 information

August, 2018:
How long will Steel Prices continue to Go Up?
First China, then Europe, then Mexico, then Canada, and now the Trump administration has increased tariff taxes to 50% for steel from Turkey. Before the 2016 election, hot rolled steel coil prices in the USA had averaged $500 a ton, but this summer, the price of hot-rolled steel coil hit $900 a ton, an 80 percent increase since Trump was elected. This has forced Metal fabrication companies into a risky high-stakes game of guessing where steel prices will be 3 months from now and should they stockpile more now before prices rise further? How do you bid a job when the material costs are unpredictable? Steel prices rose so fast this year that many fabricators lost money on orders they quoted when steel was cheaper. While there have been stories in the news of steel users like Harley-Davidson blaming the tariffs for big cost increases and drops in business, some other steel fabricators say business is good. This may be a smart time to buy stock in US Steel Company.
Steel Coil
July, 2018:
Edwards Raises Ironworker Machine Prices due to steel tariffs:
All Edwards Ironworker machines went up in price due to huge increases in steel prices. Since each machine is made almost exclusively from steel, Edwards Manufacturing Company had no choice but to increase their prices for the second time this year. The average price increase was 8% for Ironworker machines 60 tons and smaller, and 10% fo Ironworker machines 65 ton and larger. How much this will impact jobs and the economy remains to be seem. For those of you who purchased your machine from us back in December of last year, congratulations, you can probably sell your used Edwards machine for exactly what you paid for it.
Photo of Edwards 50 ton Ironworker Machine
July, 2018:
25% Import Tariffs on Machinery and Steel:
All metalworking machines from China have 25% tariffs starting July 6. Also all steel from Canada and China. Aluminum 10%. As a result, JET Machine Tools Company raised their prices by 20% for Chinese made machines. Prices on Birmingham Machine Tools made in China have also increased by 20%. Some machinery importers like GMC Machines Company have held off on the price increase but ended free shipping instead. They are hoping the trade war will end soon. These are really big numbers that will hurt American users of manually operated lathe machines the hardest since there are none being manufactured in the USA anymore. As a result of all this, the prices of used lathe machines and new lathes from other countries will probably rise too.
Trade war tariffs
June, 2018:
Have you hired a Summer Intern yet?:
Its June and the students are starting their summer vacation from high schools, colleges and trade schools with nothing to do for the next 2 or 3 months. Consider hiring one of them to do some of that boring but easy work in your shop or office. It will be a win-win situation, with them making some money and gaining valuable on the job experience, and you getting someone at a low cost to do the undesireable work that you dont want to pay expensive employees to do. Perhaps one of your employees has a son or daughter that is interested. Think carefully before allowing any high school student to work with machinery but many trade school students are ready to train to safely use a metalworking machine. More so than the 2018 Mfg Day, you will have a profound impact in helping recruit our future fabricators and machinists.
photo of summer interns in manufacturing
May, 2018:
Buy an Ironworker, Get a Hydraulic Powerlink Connector FREE:
Yes, thats right. From May7 until May 18, we are offering to give you the optional Powerlink Hydraulic Accessory Connector for FREE with purchase of an Edwards hydraulic Ironworker machine, size 55 ton or larger! The Powerlink option allows you to plug in another machine to the hydraulic pump of your ironworker machine, such as the Edwards pipe bender, 20 ton tabletop shop press, 40 ton, 60 ton, or 110 ton shop press, radius rolling machine or the horizontal press brake. This method keeps the cost of these machines low. The normal price of this hydraulic Powerlink option is $750 or $1000 depending on the Ironworker size.
Powerlink hydraulic accessory connector option for an Edwards Ironworker
April, 2018:
FMA Metalworking Seminar this summer:
Learn cutting, forming, and welding at an intensive 3-day workshop; July 23-25 at Harper College in Palatine, Illinois. Is a 3-day workshop not enough? Are you looking for even more intensive hands on training for your son, daughter or employee? The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association (FMA) has a network of Certified Education Centers all over the USA offering a Fundamentals of Metal Fabrication certificate program.
Their full program covers:
1. Metal Fabrication Safety
2. Applied Shop Math
3. Inspection/Quality Control/Measurement/Hand Tools
4. Blueprint Reading for Metal Fabrication
5. Metallurgy for Metal Fabrication
6. Precision Sheet Metal (PSM) Equipment
For more info call the FMA at: 888-394-4362 or visit
FMA - Fabricators & Manufacturers Association

March, 2018:
Steel and Aluminum Tariffs; What to do?
How will the 25% import tariffs on steel affect the machine and fabrication businesses? That depends whether or not you work for a U.S. steel mill. If you dont, then here is the bad news; Our survey of our favorite local Chicago area suppliers that we use, turned up some vague answers of about a 10 percent price increase on our American made steel products starting in April. So buy some steel now before the price increases. This is especially true if you recently quoted a fabrication job using the old cost of steel. If at all possible, renegotiate any fixed bids. The 2nd largest ingredient in the cost of most machinery is steel so if you need a metalworking machine soon, consider buying it fast because a price increase will quickly follow.

Do you want to protest the steel tariffs? Here is your opportunity: Join your metalworking industry peers at the 10th annual One Voice Legislative Conference on April 17-18, 2018, and tell your members of Congress how these tariffs and other related policy issues affect your business. It starts April 17 with lunch with the One Voice Washington lobbying team. Then on to Capitol Hill for meetings with Senators and staff and finishing the day with a networking reception. The next day, April 18, will be on Capitol Hill in meetings with interested lawmakers and their staff, including small group lunches with members of Congress. Your job is to tell Congress how taxes, regulations, and trade tariffs affect your business. There is a pre-conference webinar on April 4. If you are interested quickly contact Christie Carmigiano at 216-901-8800 or email Christie at ccarmigiano @ .

March, 2018:
Machinery Safety and Guarding Seminar March 20-22:
Rockford Systems, LLC (Rockford, Illinois) provides a comprehensive 2.5-day machine safeguarding seminar for professionals in the metal fabrication industry to understand how to properly safeguard machinery to meet OSHA 29 CRF/ANSI B-11 standards and a discussion on how to incorporate ergonomics. Safety demonstrations on 15 lathes, power presses and press brakes are included. Cover your rear end with OSHA authorized safety training. $995.
Webinars are also available. Call 800-922-7533 to register.
Machine safety guarding
February, 2018:
American Machine Tools Company reaches 10,000 happy customers!
We must be doing things right. Day after day, year after year, machine after machine, American Machine Tools Company and its employees work hard to help make every customer happy. And it has worked out well for our 10,000 happy customers that chose to buy from an ethical trustworthy company with an experienced staff of industry professionals who know how to help you select the less expensive good quality metalworking machine to do your work. We have a perfect A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau! If you havent tried us, you should.
January, 2018:
Need a huge Lathe Machine in a hurry? We have (2) 40 x 180 lathes in stock!
$6000 off. Free shipping to most of USA.
GMC model GML-40180H Lathe Machine, 40 inch swing diameter over the bed x 160 inches length between centers, 27-9/16" max swing diameter over the cross slide, 5-1/8" spindle bore, 20 HP motor, $49,950. Free shipping to most of the USA, ready to ship from stock now.
GML-40180HLB6: similar machine with 6-1/8" spindle bore: $55,950 with free shipping to most of the USA, ready to ship from stock now. Optional Newall Digital Readout installed for $5950 extra. Hurry because this offer expires soon.
December, 2017:
Big 3/16" x 10 foot capacity Plate Rolling Machine in Stock:
Need a long double pinch bending roll machine with a push button
control panel for rolling sheet metal and steel plate?
Want a 100% tax write-off?
We have it in stock now! Ready to ship to you.
Only $39,900. Brand new!
We will ship it on a flat bed truck to most of USA for only $1000.
Click here to request a formal Quote with more info

November, 2017:
2017 IRS Section 179 Tax Deduction for Machinery:
• All metalworking machinery qualifies for the IRS tax deduction.
• Immediate 100% federal income tax deduction off your 2017 tax return for the full cost of metalworking machinery you buy up to the $500,000 business deduction allowance.
• Companies can still qualify for the tax savings benefits if they lease or finance the equipment.
• Check with your accountant or tax advisor for more information about how the deduction applies to you.
Section 179 IRS Tax Writeoff
October, 2017:
FABTECH Machine Show starts November 6, 2017 in Chicago:
Come to Chicago for the Fabtech Machinery Show and see over 1700 exhitbitors of fabrication machinery and services! But hurry up and register online. Free registration for Fabtech ends Friday, November 3. After that it costs $50 at the door! The show goes from Monday November 6 to Thursday November 9. Many Speakers from industry and TV including Jesse James of West Coast Choppers! Consider attending one of 150 different 2 hour educational seminars on 3D, Automation, Cutting, Finishing, Forming, Job Shop, Lasers, Lean Mfg, Management and Sales, Safety, Stamping, Structural work, and Welding to earn AWS, FMA and SME Recertification Credits.
Click to see the Schedule of Fabtech Classes and Seminars
Fabtech 2017 in Chicago
September, 2017:
Brand New 2016 model year Edwards Ironworkers Selling at Cost:
Thats right. We have 7 brand new unsold Edwards Ironworkers made in USA in 2016 still in the original plastic wrap beng sold at cost. So call now if you want one:
40 ton 3 phase 230 volts Click to Request the 40 ton Secret Price
55 ton 3 phase 230 volts Click to Request the 55 ton Secret Price
55 ton 3 phase 460 volts with hydraulic accessory connector Click to Request the 55 ton Secret Price
60 ton 3 phase 230 volts Click to Request the 60 ton 3 phase Secret Price
60 ton 3 phase 230 volts with hydraulic accessory connector Click to Request the 60 ton Secret Price
65 ton 3 phase 230 volts Click to Request the 65 ton Secret Price
Edwards 50 ton hydraulic Ironworker machine
September, 2017:
Manufacturing Day is Friday, October 6, 2017:
Mfg Day is a national event that celebrates U.S. manufacturing and exposes high school students to careers in manufacturing fields. By participating in Manufacturing Day, manufacturers and teachers can help eliminate the skilled labor shortage by inspiring a new generation of students to become the future generation of well paid machinists, fabricators, assemblers and quality control specialists. Mfg day is designed to boost the public image and future growth of the manufacturing industry. A win-win for our country. For more information on how you can participate visit the website
Mfg Day celebrates US manufacturing
August, 2017:
Get an American Machine Tools Hat:
Though you may not look as beautiful as the model on the right, you would surely look great while wearing an original American Machine Tools hat. One size fits all with an easy to adjust velcro strap in back. The hat comes free with each purchase of a Q150 or Q175 Portable Line Boring Setup. Each Setup includes everything you need to start with, including hard chrome plated high tensile strength boring bars that dont scratch and never rust. Unlike our hats, our portable line boring equipment is manufactured in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Click to see our portable Line Boring Machines.
American Machine Tools hat

July, 2017:
New Cutting Tool Positioner from AMT:
American Machine Tools Company introduces a new positioning tool for carbide cutters. It works in a ½ inch square hole in a boring shaft and very accurately adjusts the height position to within .001". Works for setting the cutter for boring holes 1.75 to 2.5" diameter. Can be left in the boring bar while boring. Works by rotating the screw head against the boring bar to move the cutter up or down .001 for each line of rotation. We recommend this for holes 2.5 inch diameter and smaller. Click to see our portable Line Boring Tools.

June, 2017:
New Catalog of machine tools available:
American Machine Tools Company just printed another 5000 catalogs! On paper for easy reading. Each catalog has 48 pages of new metalworking machinery, equipment and helpful charts to outfit your fab shop or machine shop. Great reading material for the shop bathroom. So call us to order your free catalog and we will mail it to your home or office via first class mail. If you prefer you can click the link below and fill out the catalog request form through our website:
Click this to Request our Catalog to be mailed to you
American Machine Tools 48 page Catalog

May, 2017:
The safety of your machines is your responsibility:
Even with the new Trump administration, safety violations will continue to be a top priority for OSHA. This is especially true for companies that have had a previous accident. This is a huge deal because each year over 18,000 American workers are injured or killed while using or doing maintenance on machinery. Click to continue reading about important machinery safety

image from

April, 2017:
Secondary Machining of 3D Printed Metal Parts:
Do you need to do some secondary machining on metal parts that were 3D printed? The secondary machining operation may be necessary to achieve final dimensions that may not be possible with 3D printing alone. Secondary machining can be done using standard carbide cutters, standard speeds and feeds as if you were working with stainless steel.
But first some things to plan for:
1. With 3D metal printing, the powered metal melts and cools layer after layer until the part is complete. During this process stresses can build up which may need to be removed by heat treating before machining.
2. It turns out that one of the tricky things about machining 3D printed metal parts can be fixturing the parts if the engineer did not design in proper part locating surfaces. Otherwise securely clamping the part in a vise may be impossible.
3. It will be necessary for the engineer to design in the correct amount of extra material in those specific locations to allow for proper secondary machining and material removal.

photo courtesy of

March, 2017:
Dake: 130 Years of American Manufacturing
Before Dake was known for manufacturing machine tools, they were known for making thousands of steam engines. After World War II Dake started manufacturing arbor presses and hydraulic presses eventually expanding to 170 machines including bandsaws, cold saws, and drill presses.

At Dake's factory in Grand Haven, Michigan, the hardworking American spirit is alive with the sounds and smells of a manufacturing floor, machine shop, welding department, and warehouse facility. Each machine is built with the knowledge that it will be used to help another company prosper. After 130 years, Dake is still going strong by building long lasting machines that can be passed on to the next generation.

February, 2017:
Does your company donate to charity?
Its never too early in the year for your company to consider making a donation to a reputable charity organization that you care about. Each year we choose 2 organizations to donate to. It makes us feel good and we get a tax write-off for 100% of the amount.
Our favorite organizations this year are the Special Olympics and the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Last year we chose the Special Olympics, THASC(employment for The Handicapped And Senior Citizens) and the Illinois National Guard. Who will you choose? Whatever you decide, consider checking out your choices on Charity Watch before giving money.

January, 2017:
Leasing and Financing our Machine Tools:
Has your company operated profitably for the last 2 years? Does your company have an excellent credit history? Not many companies do. But if you are one of those that does.....congratulations, Marlin Leasing Company would love to work with you to finance your next machinery purchase from American Machine Tools Company. To get started call our Marlin rep; Ralph Cioffi at 856-505-4295.
Do you have less than perfect credit like most companies? Or has your company been in business for less than 2 years? A new startup perhaps? Then QuickSpark Financing is ready to setup a lease or finance of your next machine from American Machine Tools Company. Call our QuickSpark rep; Dionne Huff at 602-783-8334 and she will quickly get it done for you. Or click to fill out the on-line QuickSpark Machinery Leasing Application.

December, 2016:
End of Year Sale on JET Machine Tools:
From now until Decmber 23, JET Metalworking Machines are on sale at 10% off. JET Lathes, Mills, Band Saws, Cold Saws, Belt Sanders, Drill Presses, Hydraulic Presses, and sheet metal machinery. Also included is the 2 year JET Red Assurance Warranty. Though this excludes hot buy items that are already discounted it is your last opportunity to get a JET machine at 10% off AND get the IRS tax write off. Most JET machines are in stock and the machines over $2500 are delivered with FREE shipping to your shop in 48 states of the USA.

JET Machine Tools Logo
Click for JET BandSaw machines
Click for JET Cold Saw machines
Click for JET Belt & Disc Sanders
Click for JET Drill Presses
Click for JET Lathe machines
Click for JET Milling machines
Click for JET CNC Milling

November, 2016:
All DAKE machine tools on sale at least 5% off:
From now until the end of the year, all DAKE machines are discounted an extra 5% off, But if you buy from us, we will give you another 5% off for a total of 10% off. And, instead of 5% off, the manual pump hydraulic presses 25H, 50H, 75H, and arbor press models 1 ½ and 1 ½B (pedestal type) and 4M (floor model) are 15% off. So if you have been needing a machine, buy a Dake before the end of the year to get an extra 5% off or 15% off of our already discounted prices. Also get the IRS section 179 tax write-off.

Dake machines

November, 2016:
2016 IRS Section 179 Tax Write Off:
• $500,000 business deduction allowance.
• All metalworking machinery qualifies for the program.
• 50% bonus depreciation is available again to dramatically boost your savings on new machinery.
• Companies can still qualify for the tax savings benefits if they lease or finance the equipment.
• The deduction limit for the maximum amount of equipment and software is now at $2 million.
• Check with your accountant or tax advisor for more information about how the deduction applies to you.

IRS allows 100% tax write off for machinery thanks to section 179 rules

October, 2016:
DAKE Shop Presses on sale an extra 15% off:
From now until December 31, 2016, DAKE 25 ton, 50 ton and 75 ton hydraulic H-frame presses with the manual hand pump are discounted an extra 15% off, But if you buy from us, we will give you another 5% off for a total of 20% off. Also the DAKE arbor press models 1 ½ and 1 ½B (pedestal type) and 4M (floor model) are 15% off. All these machines are still made in USA. So if you have been needing a press, order before the end of the year to get an extra 15% off and get the IRS section 179 tax write-off.

October, 2016:
October Surprise Sale on JET Machine Tools:
From now until October 28, JET Metalworking Machines are on sale at 10% off. JET Lathes, Mills, Band Saws, Cold Saws, Belt Sanders, Drill Presses, Hydraulic Presses, and sheet metal machinery. Also included is the 2 year JET Red Assurance Warranty. Need it quick? JET machine tools are usually in stock and the machines over $2500 are sent to you with FREE shipping to your shop in 48 states of the USA. So call us.

September, 2016:
Did you visit IMTS ?
The International Manufacturing Technology Show is over. It happens only once every 2 years. Did you miss it? Here are some facts and photos of what you missed.

FACTS: This was the 31st IMTS. IMTS is held every even-numbered year in Chicago. The 2016 show attracted 115,682 buyers and sellers from 112 countries. With 2035 exhibitors, more than any year before, the 2016 IMTS show in Chicago used up 1.3 million square feet of exhibit space.

The dominant technologies were additive manufacturing and robotics automation. Fanuc had a robot arm swinging a corvette up in the air. It was an eye catching display. Both Hurco and Ganesh Machinery had formula one race cars in their booths. Both Lucas and Werkzeugmaschinen had in their booths CNC boring mills the size of a house. American Machine Tools Company now represents the Lucas line of CNC boring mills.

The next IMTS will be September 10 - 15, 2018.

October 7, 2016, is Manufacturing Day so please invite a class from your local school to tour your manufacturing plant.

August, 2016:
IMTS is coming to Chicago! Mark your calender!
The International Manufacturing Technology Show is coming to Chicago starting Monday September 12 to Saturday September 17. You can get a business write-off to pay for your visit during the best time of year to visit Chicago. Too busy working? Consider traveling to Chicago on Friday and come to the show on Saturday September 17. Saturday is the last day of the show and it offers a great opportunity to meet and speak to manufacturers when they are less busy and when you normally have a day off. After the machine tool show, make sure to enjoy some of the Chicago nightlife. There are 2 museums within walking distance of the show. You will also go home knowing that the whole trip was a business write-off.
The show is located at the McCormick Place convention center along Lake Michigan just south of downtown. The show is divided up into 4 main buildings. The east building has all the EDM machines, quality control and CAD-CAM software companies. Make sure you have lunch on the veranda facing the lake. It is a beautiful view. The rarely used west building has tooling and workholding. The south building is where the big CNC machining centers and turning centers are located. The north building has saws, lasers and other exhibitors. There are also many educational conferences throughout the week. So hurry up and make your reservations. For more information visit

July, 2016:
Birmingham brand Machines 4% discount extended!:
For 15 years we have sold good quality Birmingham brand machines at the best possible prices. But the 4% off sale of last month was such a success that the manufacturer has extended the sale to help you buy the Lathe, Mill, Bed Mill, Radial Arm Drill Press, Surface Grinder, or Bending Roll machine you need. This sale could end at any time so dont miss out on a reliable Birmingham metalworking machine.

June, 2016:
JET is at it again with 10% off Metalworking Machines:
From June 7 until June 22, almost every JET Metalworking Machine price is discounted by 10%. So now is an excellent time to save money on your next machine tool purchase. JET metalworking machines come with the 2 year JET Red Assurance Warranty. Need the machine to start a job next week? Most JET machines are in stock and most are delivered to your shop in mainland USA with FREE shipping.

June, 2016:
4% off Birmingham brand Machines:
Interested in a good quality Birmingham Lathe, Mill, Bed Mill, Radial Arm Drill Press, Surface Grinder, or Bending Roll machine? Hurry and buy one now because we are selling them for an extra 4 percent discount starting June 1st. This sale will be over soon so dont hesitate too long.

May, 2016:
10% off DAKE Hydraulic Dura Presses:
Need a hydraulic shop press? You are in luck! Dake Corp is having a sale on all the hydraulic Dura Presses with 3 phase electrics. Available in sizes 40 ton, 70 ton, 100 ton, 150 ton and 200 ton. From May 16 until July 31, 2016. A Dake Dura Press offers easy push button hydraulic pressing power and long lasting durability.

April, 2016:
Does your job have injury insurance?:
Do you own or manage a small machine shop or fab shop? With employees? and metalworking machines? Machinery can be dangerous if used improperly. What would happen if one of your employees was injured on the job? Do you have Workmans Compensation Insurance? If not, then you should buy some to cover your employees. It is a requirement by law. So once you start hiring people that will be using machinery, tools and welders, it is time to buy some Workmans Compensation Insurance.

March, 2016:
JET Metalworking Machines discounted 10% off:
From March 15 until March 31, almost every JET Metalworking Machine price is discounted by 10%. So if you were waiting for a good time to buy your next machine tool, act fast........before its too late. All JET metalworking machines come with the 2 year JET Red Assurance Warranty. Leasing and financing options can make your purchase even more affordable with low monthly payments. Need a machine quickly? Most JET machines are in stock now. Any machines that cost more than $2500 are delivered to your shop in mainland USA with FREE shipping.

February, 2016:
American Machine Tools Company introduces the PF150 PowerFeed:
You asked for it, you got it! The PF150 PowerFeed Attachment to use with the Q150 or Q175 line boring equipment. Variable feed rate. For use with any large size Milwaukee Magnetic Drill Press. Visit our webpage for line boring machinery for more information.

January, 2016:
Verticut indroduces their newest vertical band saw:
By popular demand; Verticut now manufactures a low cost self-cutting vertical bandsaw, the 300V. The 300V will cut 12 inch rounds or 12 x 14 inch rectangle shapes. The machine comes with a 1-1/4 inch blade, 5 HP drive motor, 2 HP feed motor and handles parts up to 3000 Lbs. Many other great features included. A mitering version is also available. Made in Canada. Call us for pricing and more info.

December, 2015:
JET Metalworking Machines on Sale again for 10% off plus tax write-off:
10% off JET Metalworking machines December 4 until December 21.
Buy before December 31 to get a section 179 deduction off your 2015 company income taxes. For 2015, the U.S. Congress decided that your company can deduct the purchase price of metalworking machinery up to $25,000 total tax write-off. Plus, if you buy a JET machine, you can get an extra 10% off the purchase price.

November, 2015:
The Fabtech machinery show is in Chicago November 9 - 12:
Are you in the midwest? If you are be sure to consider visiting the Fabtech show on November 9, 10, 11 or 12. It will be worth the drive if you want to see metalworking machines and equipment on display by some of the most popular manufacturers of metalworking machinery and welding equipment. Seize this opportunity to talk directly to factory reps and see hands on demonstrations. Then after the show call us for a discount price.
Some of the booths we wouldnt want you to miss are:
S1780 Baileigh Industrial (metalworking machinery) some made in USA.
N18097 Bore Repair Systems (bore welders) made in USA.
S2063 Burr King (belt sanders/grinders) made in USA.
S2309 Cleveland Steel Tool (portable hole punchers) made in USA.
S2984 Cosen Saws (metal cutting bandsaws)
S2072 Dake Corp. (hydraulic presses and saws) most made in USA.
S3376 Edwards Manufacturing Co. (Ironworkers and more) made in USA.
S2775 JET Machine Tools (metalworking machines).
S2070 Press Brake Safety.

October, 2015:
JET is having a RACE INTO SAVINGS Metalworking Machinery Sale:
From October 13 until October 30, most JET Metalworking Machines are reduced in price by 10%. So if you were waiting for a chance to get a better price on your next machine tool, this is it. But better hurry up and pull the trigger.......before its too late. Each of these machines come with the 2 year JET Red Assurance Warranty. Leasing and financing options available. Most JET machines are in stock and machines over $2900 are delivered to your machine shop or fab shop in the continental USA with FREE shipping. The Race Into Savings machine tool sale is in honor of JET's sponsorship of Rusty Wallace Racing.

September, 2015:
Edwards Manufacturing introduces their new Horizontal Press Brake Machine:
Another new machine from the Edwards engineering department. The all new Horizontal Press Brake has 20 tons of force and can use many types of tooling to form, brake, and straighten mild steel. This compact machine easily connects to your Edwards Ironworker if it has a Hydraulic Accessory Pack or to an Edwards Porta-Power hydraulic pump to expand your fab shop capabilities. Designed for maximum tooling flexibility, the 4 pin locations are locked with a simple crank for inboard tool squaring. The digital encoder reads positive stop for accurate repeatability within 0.01". The potential of this machine could make your shop a lot of money.

August, 2015:
Edwards Manufacturing introduces their new Roll Bending Machine:
The model RR-M2 Pipe, Tube and Section Radius Roller will plug into an Edwards Ironworker Machine equipped with the Hydraulic Accessory Pack or you can power it separately with an Edwards Porta-Power. The variable speed hydraulic drive allows you to dial in the appropriate speed for your working needs. A positioning scale helps insure repeatability. Super easy to rotate the machine from vertical to horizontal, for bending long pieces. Made entirely in the USA, this machine will roll a radius on flat bar, channel, 2 x 2 x 1/4 angle iron or if you buy optional rolls, you can handle 2" schedule 40 pipe or 2 1/2 tube. For more specifications or pricing contact American Machine Tools Company.

July, 2015:
We offer FREE shipping on Edwards Ironworker Machines:
American Machine Tools Company sells Edwards Ironworker Machines at a deep discount. But we will also ship your new machine for FREE to your company in any of the continental 48 states in the USA. Or if you are Canadian, we can ship it FREE to the border. All you need to qualify is a business address and a capable forklift to unload the machine from the truck. Delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or into Canada costs extra. Either way, we will also give you a tool box of 8 round punch & die sets FREE. Call the Edwards factory to check our excellent record of customer satisfaction. It is why we are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau.

June, 2015:
June brings a hot 10% discount off JET:
From June 9 until June 23, most JET Metalworking Machines are reduced in price by 10%. So if you were waiting for a sign from above when to invest in your next machine tool, this is it. But better hurry up and pull the trigger.......before its too late. Each of these machines come with the 2 year JET Red Assurance Warranty. Leasing and financing options available. Most JET machines are in stock and machines over $2500 are delivered to your machine shop or fab shop in the continental USA with FREE shipping.

May, 2015:
We have Chicago Dreis & Krump fabrication machines waiting for you:
If you need to fabricate metal parts, remember to remember that American Machine Tools Company can ship any of the most popular Chicago Dries & Krump fabrication machines immediately from stock. For cutting metal, we have many sizes of metal shearing machines in stock from 4 feet to 10 feet long. Need a plate rolling machine? Multiple sizes in stock. If you need a machine to bend sheet metal, we have many sizes (from 4 feet to 12 feet) of easy to use hand operated sheet metal brake machines in stock now. For straight bends or to make box shapes or pan shapes or curved shapes, Chicago Dries & Krump hand brake machines and hydraulic powered leaf brake machines (push button operation) have many options available that are not offered by anyone else. Options for bending curved parts, bending reinforced tool box shapes, forming tube shapes, or architectual moldings. For repeat parts, dont forget the handwheel or push button operated back gauge that measures your metal position and also squares the metal to the machine. For heavy work, the Chicago plate bending machine can bend 1/4 inch thick steel and it is in stock ready to ship now. Chicago Dreis & Krump; quality you can count on since 1899.

May, 2015:
Educational Workshops and Tours sponsored by the F.M.A.:
The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association is sponsoring PLATEFAB in Moline, Illinois, to advance plate fabricating technology this May 5 & 6. It is an educational workshop that includes tours of a John Deere truck and earth moving equipment factory, a Ryerson steel services plant, and the Schebler Company to see the latest in fabricating machinery at work on a factory production floor. On May 13 & 14 the F.M.A. is sponsoring BENDFAB in Indianapolis, Indiana, to showcase solutions for optimizing bending operations. This workshop will include tours of Alexander Screw Products and Estes Design and Manufacturing. These companies will show off their latest methods for product design and rapid prototyping. Also this May 18-20, they will have a conference and exhibits about sustainable manufacturing in Naperville, Illinois. June 1-3, the FMA has scheduled a Laser applications workshop in Detroit. If you are a business owner thinking about retirement, you should consider listening in on their webcast that covers managing for business valuation May 7. For more information visit the FMA website.

April, 2015:
The future has arrived......3D Printers are here!:
American Machine Tools now sells the Cube and CubePro 3D Printers so you can make plastic models and useable parts from your CAD drawings. Starting at $995. The plastic material comes in easy to install cartridges and are available in 24 different colors. The CubePro can make models with multiple parts out of 3 different colors at a time. Make plastic prototypes, jewelry, toys, novelties, cell phone cases, etc. Make actual plastic parts from your computer just like the pros. Max part size is 11 x 9 x 10 inches. These machines will fit on top of your desk. Wifi capability. Available options include software, hand held scanners, scanner to attach to you iPad and touch probes. Click here to read about 3D Printers.

March, 2015:
Spring into action! The spring JET Machine Tools 10% Off Sale until April 17:
If you have been waiting for the right time to buy the next metalworking machine you need to boost your productivity and make your customers happy, you are in luck. Because we can offer you almost any JET machine tool at 10% off until Friday, April 17. So take advantage of this chance to save 10 percent. Remember; JET manufactures lathes, mills, bandsaws, cold saws, sanders, drill presses and sheet metal machinery. Each of these machines come with the 2 year Red Assurance Warranty. Leasing and financing available. Most JET machines are in stock and even have free shipping to your machine shop or fab shop in the continental USA.

March, 2015:
Chicago Dreis & Krump introduces a new heavy duty Metal Bending Machine:
Available with standard back gauge or with optional NC Controls for back gage and bend angle. This is the next best thing to owning a Press Brake but without the high price or the changing of die sets. The Chicago Dreis & Krump Hydraulic Powered Leaf Brake machine will bend up to 1/4 inch thick steel up to 10 feet long. It also bends sheet metal without changing the tooling! It does it by folding the metal. Model HBP is designed to make box shapes and pan shapes up to 6 inches deep. This machine is easy to use because it works similar to a hand brake machine but with push button convenience. Click to see photos and read more about the new power metal folding machine.

February, 2015:
Endorsements of our Line Boring Equipment:
Want to know what our past customers are saying about our portable Line Boring Systems before you decide whether to buy your own setup? Click to read what previous customers have had to say about the Q150 and Q175 Line Boring Machinery manufactured by American Machine Tools Company.

January, 2015:
New Trend Seen in the Growth of U.S. Manufacturing:
Ever since the 1990s when congress passed a law giving China most favored nation trading status, outsourcing began replacing manufacturing and the growth in U.S. manufacturing grew a smaller percentage than the growth in the rest of the U.S. economy. But in 2014 that changed. Thanks to insourcing, in 2014 U.S. manufacturing activity grew at a faster pace than the rest of the U.S. economy. Manufacturers now find it difficult to find skilled workers who havent yet retired. Or they find it difficult to find workers willing to take and/or able to pass drug tests. What to do? Start by bringing back some of the retired machinists and fabricators to work part time and pay them to teach employees how to fabricate and machine parts properly and safely. These old-timers have a wealth of knowledge to pass on. Next we need to be supporting the President's iniative to offer 2 years of Community College FREE to good students, but we need Trade School included as an option. Finally, we need to be willing to overlook imperfections in the personal lives of todays workers as long as they are good at their job.

December, 2014:
JET and DAKE Metalworking Machines on Sale now:
10% off JET Metalworking machines December 5 – 22.
10% off DAKE Super Technics 350 Cold Saws all month in December.
Buy before December 31 to get a section 179 deduction off your 2014 company income taxes.

November, 2014:
American Machine Tools Company introduces their new Q125 Line Boring Equipment:
The Q125 is designed for line boring small holes from 1.50 to 4 inches diameter using a magnetic drill press to drive and feed the boring shaft. Optional attachments allow the Q125 to be converted for smaller holes or larger holes if needed. It is available in 2 lengths; The Q125-S has a 36 inch long boring bar for reboring holes up to approximately 20 inches apart and the Q125-L has a 60 inch long boring bar for holes up to approximately 44 inches apart. Usable length can be extended in many circumstances. The Q125 line boring systems come with the everything needed to rebore holes round and concentric again including the chrome plated shaft, adapter base with built-in bearing, flange bearings, mounting plates, standoff plates, positioning cones, carbide cutters, colbalt cutters, measuring tools and a sturdy wood carrying case with dolly wheels. A Magnetic Drill Press for driving and feeding the Q125 costs extra. The Q125 is for repairing earth moving equipment, cranes, machinery frames, etc. For more information, photos, detailed instructions and videos visit our webpage of line boring machines.

November, 2014:
The Fabtech show opens in Atlanta November 11:
Are you in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee or northern Florida? If you are be sure to consider visiting the Fabtech show in Atlanta on November 11, 12 or 13. It could be worth the drive if you want to see sample machines and equipment on display by some of the largest of the manufacturers and importers of fabrication machinery and welding equipment. You will get to talk face to face with factory reps and see hands on demonstrations. If you are interested in American made, then be sure to visit booth B4473 to look at the Dake hydraulic presses and band saws. Or visit booth B4015 to see the brand new design roll bending machine manufactured by Edwards Ironworker Company. And if you decide you want one at a deep discount, just call us.

October, 2014:
IRS Section 179 Tax Write Off for 2014:
If you want to buy a machine or other piece of equipment and you want to avoid paying corporate and/or personal income tax on your 2014 company profits, then you need to act fast! Time is running out for you to spend the money before the end of the year. Unfortunately, our congress was too busy this year to renew the IRS Section 179 business equipment tax write off that has spurred economic growth in the US manufacturing sector since 2009. Therefore the tax deduction has reverted back to the original $25,000 limit for an immediate write-off in this tax year without having to depreciate the equipment you purchase over a period of years. Make sure you ask your tax advisor for information on the Section 179 tax write-off benefits for your business before it is too late. Call American Machine Tools Company for help in figuring out a machine you want within your budget. December 31 will be here soon.

October, 2014:
Hurry! You have 3 weeks! The October JET Machine Tools 10% Off Sale:
If you have been waiting for the right time to buy the next metalworking machine you need for your shop, you are in luck. Because we can offer you almost any JET machine tool at 10% off starting Friday, October 10 until Friday, October 31. This sale goes on for 3 weeks but dont let this opportunity to save 10 percent off pass you by. If you manage a machine shop or a fab shop, remember that JET manufactures lathes, mills, bandsaws, cold saws, sanders, drill presses and sheet metal machinery. Each of these machines come with the 2 year Red Assurance Warranty. So dont miss out. Leasing and financing available. Most JET machines are in stock and even have free shipping to your shop in the continental USA.

September, 2014:
IMTS is evolving! The International Manufacturing Technology Show is bigger!
The booths are bigger. Some were bigger than your house and yard. The machines are bigger. Many were bigger than a garage. The signs were bigger. Many were the size of billboards. Many of the major companies went all out in an effort to out do each other to make the biggest splash as evident to those walking into the south building where the aisles were lined with CNC machining centers one after the other. All busy doing something. Why? Prestige, bragging rights and the desire to make a lasting impression seem to outweigh the cost benefit analysis. Attendance at IMTS set a record this year, and yet, some exhibitors are cutting back. Cutting back to a smaller booth or no booth at all. An exhibitor has to sell several machines to pay for the cost of a booth at the shown. Yet somehow there are a lot of small companies that show up every 2 years for the largest machinery show in the USA. How do the justify the huge expense? Lets look at the costs of exhibiting at the 2014 IMTS show:

August, 2014:
IMTS is coming! IMTS is coming to Chicago!
Have you ever been to Chicago in the summertime? It is the time of year when Chicago is at its best. And because the International Manufacturing Technology Show is coming to Chicago the week of September 18 to 23, you can get a business write-off to pay for your visit during the best time of year. Too busy working? Consider traveling to Chicago on Friday and come to the show on Saturday September 23. Saturday is the last day of the show and it offers a great opportunity to meet and speak to manufacturers when they are less busy. After the show Chicago offers a vibrant nightlife and many cultural attractions. You can return home Sunday with the knowledge that the whole trip was a business write-off.
The show is located at the McCormick Place convention center along Lake Michigan just south of downtown. The show is divided up into 4 main buildings. The east building has all the EDM machines, quality control and CAD-CAM software companies. Make sure you have lunch on the veranda facing the lake. It is a beautiful view. The rarely used west building has tooling and workholding. The south building is where the big CNC machining centers and turning centers are located. There are also many other companies with booths showing smaller machines such as Dake and JET. The north building has saws, lasers and other exhibitors including one of our favorite U.S. machinery manufacturers; Edwards. There are also many educational conferences throughout the week. So hurry up and make your reservations. For more information visit

August, 2014:
Government working with colleges and manufacturers to create apprenticeships:
The Obama administration annouced it is investing $600 million into apprenticeship programs to reduce unemployment. The idea is to get employers and community colleges to work more closely together in creating programs that train Americans for highly skilled high paying jobs. This program is needed because millions of Americans are still out of work but about 500,000 manufacturing jobs are available because of the lack of skilled workers that are needed to fill these jobs........Click to keep reading.

July, 2014:
GDP fell a worrisome 2.9% in 1st quarter but grew 3% in 2nd quarter:
The recently revised U.S. Gross Domestic Product numbers for the 1st quarter came out worse than expected. If this is repeated in the 2nd quarter that just ended, that would meet the definition of another recession. Having a recession hit every 5 or 6 years was normal decades ago, but in recent history, that has switched to once every 8 to 10 years (1981, 1990, 2001, 2009). The preliminary numbers are out for the 2nd quarter and it looks good but the revised numbers that come later are supposed to provide a more accurate picture of the state of the U.S. economy. This is why the revised 1st quarter GDP shrinkage something to worry about - it is more accurate. So far, the stock market indicates the manufacturing economy is improving but watch out for clouds on the horizon.

June, 2014:
How to calculate how many Amps your machine with need:
If you are try to size up a circuit breaker for a new machine you purchased, what do you do? Click the link to visit our new webpage showing recommended circuit breaker sizes for a machine based upon the HorsePower. Using one of the many useful reference pages from American Machine Tools Company helps make your job easier.

June, 2014:
Why you should stop outsourcing and start insourcing:
If you are currently manufacturing your products overseas in China or elsewhere, now is a good time to recalculate the benefits of making your products here versus there. Here are some good reasons for insourcing your manufacturing back to the USA:
* Made in USA is good for marketing.
* Made in USA means better quality control.
* Having your factory nearby makes it easier to maintain relationships with suppliers if they are close to you, speak the same language and are in the same time zone.
* Having your factory nearby makes it easier for your engineering department to develop new products if they can quickly test out prototypes.
* Your company will be able to respond quicker to competitors and new market trends.
* Having your factory nearby makes it easier for your engineering department to come up with manufacturing improvements and automation if your factory is nearby.
* You will save money on shipping costs.
* Since your factory will be close to your U.S. customers, you will not have to maintain as much inventory
* You will have better control of your trade secrets.
So pull together your management team and do a cost/benefit analysis. Maybe you should be insourcing, not oursourcing.

May, 2014:
Read this before you join the rush to outsource to China:
Are you thinking about joining the stampede to outsource your manufacturing to China? Ever since the U.S. Congress passed a law giving Chinese imports incredibly low import taxes you may have been thinking about it. Have you been putting off the decision to give in and join all those other companies who have already outsourced their manufacturing work to China? Maybe your investors have been asking what are you waiting for? Your stockholders want to increase profits. Are your customers ready to give up Made in USA? Well now it seems that outsourcing all your manufacturing to China is not such a good idea.......Click to continue reading about outsourcing.

May, 2014:
American Machine Tools Company introduces its new Shaft Connecting Tube:
The new Shaft Connecting Tube from American Machine Tools Company extends the range of the standard Q175 line boring setup by allowing you to connect 2 line boring shafts together. The heavy duty design does this without losing the rigidity of the shafts. This gives you the ability to rebore holes up to 126 inches apart. Previously the equipment was limited to reboring holes up to 80 inches apart. Visit our website often for more updates about our complete line of portable boring equipment.

April, 2014:
Why buy a complicated Brake Press if you are only bending and folding sheet metal?
Customers often ask us for information about buying a press brake machine to bend and fold sheet metal. But in many cases the customer does not need to spend the huge amount of money necessary to buy a good quality hydraulic press brake with computerized contol of the back gauge and ram depth. If all you are going to do with the machine is simple bends in the sheet metal, then you should consider a hydraulic leaf brake machine. This machine works almost identical to the old fashioned Hand Brake machine we are all familar with. The important differences are that you only need to push a button and let the hydraulic powered leaf brake do the back breaking work that is normally done using a hand brake machine. The hydraulic leaf brake machine has a clamping bar that clamps the metal in position and hydraulic cylinders to push the bending leaf up and down the amount that you preset on the angle dial. A hand cranked or electronically adjusted back gauge is included to measure and square-up the metal. The machines can bend up to 135 degrees and do hemming. The HBPU versions can make boxes and pan shapes. You can even install optional radius nose bars for bending a radius on aircraft aluminum. All this for half the price of a brake press. So before you buy a brake press, check out a Chicago Dreis & Krump hydraulic leaf brake machine.

April, 2014:
Our machine tool blog is 4 years old. What would you like us to write about next?
We have been writing about different types of machinery and the field of metalworking, every month for four years. It is time to ask if is there something you think we should write about? Since this is our business we sometimes wonder what we are not covering. What should we be writing about that nobody else is? We can research ideas and write about them in an informative way that is quick to read. Instead of us only writing about what we are interested in, we would like to hear your suggestions. Email us by clicking this link.

March, 2014:
For 5 weeks! The 2014 JET Machine Tools 10% Off Sale:
If you have been waiting for the right time to buy the next metalworking machine you need for your shop, you are in luck. Because we can offer you almost any JET machine tool at 10% off starting Monday March 17 until April 19. This sale goes on for 5 weeks but dont let this opportunity to save 10 percent off pass you by. If you manage a machine shop or a fab shop, remember that JET manufactures lathes, mills, bandsaws, cold saws, sanders, drill presses and sheet metal machinery. Each of these machines come with the 2 year Red Assurance Warranty. So dont miss out. Check your finances and check the machine specifications. Leasing and financing available. Most JET machines are in stock and even have free shipping to your shop in the continental USA.

March, 2014:
How to sell a machine you dont need anymore:
Do you have a metalworking machine sitting in your shop that you dont use anymore? Would you like to sell it and use the money for something more important? If you have recent experience selling a used machine online then read no further. But if you have never sold a used machine before, keep reading. In the old days you may have had to ask a local used machinery dealer to buy your machine at a deep discount to what it is worth. But thanks to the internet it has become a lot easier to sell it yourself. The steps seem easy, you find a reputable website, provide a detailed description with pictures, set your asking price and let the internet do the work. But there is more to it than that.......Click to keep reading.

February, 2014:
What will happen to your company if you got sick?
Do you own a machine shop or fab shop or small manufacturer? Do you have someone ready to manage the place if you get seriously sick or injured? Do you have a succession plan in place if you had a bad stroke or something that prevented you from returning to work? At a minimum you need someone who can sign the paychecks and payments to vendors in an emergency. Will it be your accountant or your foreman or your wife or your son or daughter? These questions are uncomfortable to talk about but if you dont have a plan, you could lose all the equity you built up in the wonderful company of yours. So, dont just continue on as you have been, talk to your senior staff about how they can keep the doors open if something happens to you. At least until a buyer can be found. Dont lose your biggest asset to a medical problem. Your wife, kids and employees are relying on you.

January, 2014:
Are you thinking of starting your own machine shop?
Occasionally, machinists, tool & die makers, and CNC machine operators will ask themselves whether starting a machine shop of their own would be better than working for someone else. Especially if their boss is difficult to work for. Or maybe they were laid off and are thinking of starting their own shop until/instead of finding employment at another company. Whatever your motivation, you have a lot of decisions to make and it could seem overwhelming. Click to read about starting a machine shop.

January, 2014:
The new year could ring in new opportunities for profits:
It is the begining of another year. What are you going to do differently than last year? How is your shop going to make more money? Are you going to increase sales or are you going to decrease costs? Increasing sales could be as simple as starting a website for your machine shop or fab shop. Or researching possible new customers in your area that you have not talked to before. Cutting costs could be as simple as switching to driving a company car, changing your phone provider, internet provider, insurance provider or material supplier. Start by looking at all the bills you paid in 2013. Getting competitive bids could save you some money or allow you to squeeze your current vendor. A third method is to increase productivity. If your employees had a CNC machine instead of a manual one you could increase productivity. If your assembly areas were better organized you could have faster workers. The savings may seem small each month but at the end of the year it all adds up. So if you are tired of the snow, get motivated and work some extra hours this winter on how to increase profits for 2014. Remember, it is not how much money your company makes that matters, it is how much money you take home.

December, 2013:
As manufacturing improves women are left out:
The Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress reports that the 565,000 manufacturing jobs gained since the recession were filled by men. Manufacturing jobs being done by women actually declined. Women now represent just 27 percent of manufacturing workers. It seems that women have 62 percent of the administrative office jobs doing accounting and payroll, 35 percent of the sales positions, but few of the high paying skilled machinist and fabricator jobs. Work for machine shops, fab shops and other manufacturing companies is expected to increase as the wage gap between US workers and Chinese workers continues to decrease. The US-China wage gap for skilled manufacturing workers in 2008 was $17 per hour on average. In 2015 it is expected to drop to only $7 per hour. Hopefully this will motivate American companies to bring back many of the out sourced manufacturing jobs from China. Millions of US manufacturing jobs were outsourced to China since the last 1990s.

December, 2013:
Edwards introduces 8 redesigned Ironworkers at Fabtech show:
In November, Edwards Manufacturing Company introduced their redesigned Ironworker machines at the Fabtech machinery show in Chicago. The new design comes with ANSI compliant electrical box with lock out-tag out capability, emergency palm stop, proprietary controls with M12 electrical connections and updated ANSI compliant guarding. Safety guards are now powder coated for bright long lasting orange color. The frame is also redesigned to be curvier and sexier. Controls are designed, constructed and certified to ETL and UL and CE requirements as well as being tested by second party verification to National ANSI B11.5 Standards for Ironworker Safety. Sizes 65 ton and larger include an easy spin adjustment wheel for the angle shear clamp. Sizes 50 ton and 75 ton now include the coper-notcher as standard, not optional. American Machine Tools is their distributor. Visit our website for more information about the new Edwards Ironworker machines.

November, 2013:
New Rule Changes for Section 179 Tax write-off coming in 2014:
Section 179 tax code allows businesses tax deductions for equipment purchases, but new rule changes in 2014 may soon make buying machinery more expensive. To qualify for the Section 179 tax write-off, small businesses need to act quickly to arrange a machine purchase before December 31, 2013. Section 179 allows for small businesses to expense purchases of their capital assets such as metalworking machines. Instead of taking long-term depreciation of expenses over time - a complicated and frustrating process - the tax rule currently allows for machinery and equipment to be written off immediately, saving company owners a lot of money off their 2013 taxes. Many company owners aren't familiar with much of the advantages that can be taken by the Section 179 tax write-off, so ask your accountant if you need advice. However, according to the Engineering News-Record, a new change to the rule meant to take effect next year may change the way section 179 tax code provides help to businesses. Currently, businesses can deduct the full price of equipment up to $500,000 from their gross income with a $2 million limit, that aspect of the tax code will expire on the last day of 2013. Unless the U.S. Congress acts quickly, equipment deductions may drop to as low as $25,000 next year, which will surely have negative effects on smaller and medium-sized businesses. The expiration of tax incentives on December 31, 2013 means that now is the best time to buy a new machine.

November, 2013:
It is back! The JET Machine Tools Sale at 10% Off:
If you were waiting to buy a metalworking machine, do it now. Because we can offer you any JET machine tool at 10% off until November 23, 2013. This sale is your rare opportunity to spend 10 percent less money to finally get the quality JET metalworking machine your company needs. Most machines are in stock and even have free shipping to your door in the continental USA.

October, 2013:
Is the government shutdown and debt ceiling affecting your business?

If your company is based in the USA and you export the parts/products you manufacture to Mexico or Canada like we do, you will need the Schedule B Number for each item classification to complete a Certificate of Origin for every shipment. The Schedule B Number is also needed to import into the USA. But if you went to the government website for the codes, the website was not working. However if you went to update your registration as a government contractor to the S.A.M. portal it was working. Or if you went to log into the special website for government contractor invoicing; Wide Area Work Flow system, it was working too. Why is that? Click to read why.......

October, 2013:
How to prevent freight damage to your machine from ruining your day:
This advice applies to almost anything you have delivered. Sometimes a customer buys a new machine from us but has no experience receiving and unloading machinery. The customer usually has a fork lift to unload the machine but may not know that they have the responsibility to inspect the machine before they sign the Bill Of Lading and unload it from the delivery truck. Because we use a reputable trucking company with machinery experience it is unusual for shipping damage to occur but it can still happen. Therefore....... click to read what to do about machinery freight damage.

September, 2013:
Choosing a metal cutting band saw blade:
Metal cutting band saw blades have bent teeth. The bend in the teeth causes a cut slightly wider than the thickness of the blade, to prevent the blade from getting stuck in the metal. There are three different tooth patterns: raker, wave, and straight. For most metal cutting, use the raker pattern. But if you are cutting thin sections, such as tubing, angles, and channels, then use a blade with the wave tooth pattern. At least three teeth of the bandsaw blade should contact the workpiece at all times to prevent chatter and shearing off teeth. Click to read more about choosing a metal cutting band saw blade. We also offer a chart showing the recommended number of teeth for various materials and thicknesses to help choose the correct blade for cutting your material.

September, 2013:
Manufacturing in USA rises to a 2 year high:
U.S. factories expanded production again last month at the fastest rate since June 2011 thanks to a jump in orders. The report shows that manufacturing output will likely be expanding for the next few months. The Institute for Supply Management purchasing managers trade group said that its manufacturing index rose to 55.4 to 55.7 in August. The increase was well above the index's 12-month average of 52. Any reading above 50 indicates growth. The survey found 15 out of 18 industries reporting expansion but only one reporting contraction. A good example is August sales of American made cars, which jumped by double digits over last year's sales. This contradicts news that businesses recently reduced their orders for capital goods such as computers and electrical equipment. That decline may signal that business investment is slowing rather than increasing, though computers and electrical items are usually made overseas not in the USA and therefore have a very small effect on the U.S. economy. Meanwhile, the Commerce Department estimated that the U.S. economy grew at a 2.5 percent annual rate in the April-June quarter, which is better than the government's initial estimate of 1.7 percent.

August, 2013:
How to Reduce Cutting Tool Chatter:
Have you ever been all set up to line bore some holes but find out that your carbide cutter vibrates and chatters like crazy? What can prevent it and what can you do about it? Prevention is usually the key and prevention starts during your set up and during welding. Also remember to drive your boring bar at the proper RPMs for the size of the hole. Running your boring bar at excessively high RPMs is a big cause of cutting tool chatter. Having a dull cutter is another common reason. Not having enough support bearings is another common reason. Using the wrong type of carbide could also cause a problem. And welding on top of galled metal is less common but the hardest to correct. Keep reading for more info on our webpage called how to reduce cutting tool chatter.

August, 2013:
Glossary of Technical Terms:
Wonder what some technical word on our website means? Dont bother searching all over the internet for some website that has rarely used technical words. Instead, you can find them in our website glossary of technical terms and definitions that are used in machine shops and fab shops. Words from Acme Thread to Wrought Iron. We give you the technical definition. Here is an example of a common english word used in a special technical way that most people dont know: Dog - A clamping device (lathe dog) used to drive work being machined between centers. A second definition for the word Dog - a part projecting on the side of a machine worktable to trip the automatic feed mechanism off or to reverse the travel. Now you know two other meanings of the word Dog besides the four legged animal. Our Glossary also has a list of common machinery related acronyms and abbreviations.

July, 2013:
American Machine Tools introduces Q175 Line Boring Equipment:
Sometimes bigger is better. And when you need to rebore holes that are 6 or 7 feet (2 meters) apart, then you need a bigger boring bar. Thats why we designed the Q175. The Q175 comes with 1.750 diameter chrome plated induction hardened high tension strength boring shafts that have a larger diameter than our standard Q150. Though the design principle is the same, the larger diameter reduces deflection, reduces tool chatter and allows you to rebore holes up to 8 inch diameter in one setup that are too far apart for our Q150 equipment. The Q175 is available in 8 foot long and 4 foot long boring shafts. Each shaft has a tapered shank designed to fit into the 3/4 inch chuck of your magnetic drill press. By using the Q175 adapter base to take the load of the boring bar you do not have to worry about overloading the bearings in your magnetic drill press. Approved by Milwaukee Power Tool Company engineers for use with the heavy duty Milwaukee magnetic drill press sold by American Machine Tools Company. Click here for more information about the Q175 Line Boring Machine Tools.

July, 2013:
U.S. manufacturing activity expanded in June:
U.S. Factory Orders for durable goods increased in May. U.S. manufacturing activity expanded in June. Manufacturers had a 3 percent increase in new orders, and a 5 percent increase in production. Strong sales of aircraft, cars, construction equipment, computers and machinery lead to the increase. Sales of commercial aircraft jumped 50 percent after climbing 18 percent in April. Orders for autos increased 1.5 percent, construction equipment 7.6 percent, computers rose 8.8 percent, machinery 0.7 percent. Manufacturing, which represents about 12 percent of the economy, is expected to keep growing for the rest of 2013. Though the U.S. saw improvement, global manufacturing is down, notably China. Hopefully the increase in factory activity in the US will decrease unemployment and help rebuild the middle class. So far, many of the gains from the U.S. economic recovery have mostly gone to the wealthiest.

June, 2013:
American Car Manufacturers among the best in quality survey:
The desire to succeed has motivated American car companies to produce some of their best quality cars and trucks ever in order to win over their fellow Americans as customers. Chrysler, Ford and GM have tied or won in 12 of 21 areas in a vehicle quality survey conducted by California based Strategic Vision. It was the first time in over than a decade that GM, Ford and Chrysler models had a majority of category winners. Perhaps, as a result of the quality improvements, the three U.S. automakers all gained market share in the first quarter of 2013 for the first time in 20 years. The quality results were based on data from 17,000 buyers who purchased 2013 vehicles between September 2012 and November 2012. Aparently, we Americans design and build great cars. Since we rarely purchase something that creates more jobs than a car, think about the huge contribution you can make to the American manufacturers and their suppliers when you buy a new American car versus the small contribution you make when you buy a foreign car. So please remember to visit GM, Ford and Chrysler showrooms before you decide what car or truck to buy. The next job you save may be your own.

June, 2013:
American Manufacturers experience slowdown but stock market predicts upturn:
American Manufacturers in May reported the slowest growth in their business in four years. Some of the blame goes to the 2013 U.S. Government Sequestration which has choked off some of the US Government's spending. But the current slowdown in Chinese exports to the USA has many US manufacturers hopeful that the helpful buy American trend is continuing. Those worried about the unemployment rate can relax as it is relatively unchanged. Meanwhile, the stock market still sees clear skies ahead as it stands near its all time historical high. Since the stock market is reliable predictor of business conditions 6 months ahead, we could use this time to get ready for the next upturn.

May, 2013:
Beware; not all machinery websites are safe:
Have you ever found a website that had exactly the machine you were looking for at the best price but when you wanted to call for more information you could not find their telephone number or address anywhere on their website? When you went to their Contact Us page, all it showed was a form to fill out? Or even worse, the website tries to download a virus onto your computer? What should you do before you trust a website? Click for some advice.

May, 2013:
Get to know the staff at American Machine Tools Company:
We believe everyone who wants to buy a metalworking machine wants to talk to a sales person with on-the-job experience. Experience to understand the machines they sell. Someone who used to design machinery. Someone who used to design tooling. Someone who used to be a Tool and Die maker. Someone who used to fabricate parts. That is how we decided who to hire to help our customers. The staff of American Machine Tools Company are industry professionals so our guys have many years of experience to help you with the machines we sell.
Click to meet the sales staff of American Machine Tools Company

April, 203:
The low cost alternative to buying a fork lift:
What do you do if you dont have a loading dock and cant afford a forklift but you need the ability to load and unload shipping crates, skids or pallets of heavy materials? Check out the two different types of Pallet Lifts we offer. Hydraulic or winch style. Do you simply need to move and lift heavy boxes or equipment around your shop? Then you should look at Pallet Jacks. Either choice is a low cost alternative to a forklift. JET makes a line of low cost material handling equipment. Click to see our selection of JET pallet lifts and pallet jacks. If you find what you want it is easy to click the quote request form link and we will email your quote and mail you a formal quotation and catalog to the address you provide.

April, 2013:
Training your Metalworking Employees:
Managers of machine shops, fabrication shops and manufacturing companies need to remember to continually train their employees. Sure you want to train them how to do their coworkers job so they can fill in when a coworker is absent or on vacation. But you also want employees to keep up with advances in technology and safety. Employees with well-developed professional skills are more innovative and productive. Investing in the training of your workers improves the quality and productivity of their work. Many training resources are now listed to finish reading about Training your Metalworking Employees

March 25, 2013:
JET Machine Tools are on sale - 10% Off:
If you were thinking of buying a metalworking machine, you are in luck. Because JET Machine Tools are having a once a year 10% off sale until April 5, 2013. Dont miss this opportunity to spend less money to finally get the machinery your shop needs. Most machines even have free shipping. Click here to read more.......

March, 2013:
An American success story: RAMS Sheet Metal Equipment Company:
There once was an owner of a machine shop in Wisconsin that was bored. He had rows of CNC Machining Centers manufacturing components for his various customers but he craved something more. One day about 7 years ago he decided to start a new company to make HVAC Machines. These machines form sheet metal into heating and ventilating ductwork The shop owner designed and engineered his machines slightly different with extra precision and a 2 year warranty. Today RAMS sheet metal machinery is among the highest quality in the industry yet they sell for just a little more than the imported machines from Asia. There are now 18 different machines manufactured by RAMS, and more are in the pipeline. A great business success story about high quality machinery made in the USA. For more information about a RAMS Pittsburgh lock machines, rollformers, slitter, powered flanger or the new RAMS plasma table, please call American Machine Tools at 773-334-5000.

March, 2013:
Check out our newest educational webpage from American Machine Tools:
Do you know which metalworking machine is sometimes called the swiss army knife of machine tools? You would if you have used one. Because this machine can do in seconds what normally takes a drill press or a saw minutes to do. Whether you want to punch holes, cut plate, cut angle iron, notch steel, bend steel, or notch pipe, you should learn about these very versatile machines. To learn more click on our educational webpage called How to use an Ironworker machine. American Machine Tools Company has 15 different educational webpages dedicated to explaining how to use a machine, how to calculate capacity, recommended bend radii, metal properties and machinery safety.

February, 2013:
U.S. Sales of Manufacturing Equipment highest in 16 years:
2012 total U.S. sales were $5.7 billion. 2012 Machinery and equipment sales are up 2.6% over 2011. This shows that manufacturing is continuing to grow at a steady pace in the USA. But the 16 year high is not as good as it looks since it does not account for inflation. Also notable is that much of the growth came from the southern states which posted a 12.2% increase year over year and western states which had a 6.9% increase. By contrast, sales in northeastern states dropped 9%. The information is courtesy of the Association for Manufacturing Technology.

February, 2013:
Information How to Become a Machinist or Tool and Die Maker:
Are you mechanically inclined, like working with your hands and are good at making things and repairing stuff? Then maybe a career as a Machininst would be good for you. These are good paying jobs that dont involve sitting in an office cubicle. You actually get to make things on the job by using a lathe, a milling machine, and other machine tools to cut and shape metal. How to get one of the jobs? to read more about Training How to Become a Machinist or Tool & Die Maker.

January, 2013:
JET Tools Company introduces RED ASSURANCE:
Is your company in the USA? Then make sure you consider a JET machine when you are looking to buy a new lathe, mill, drill, saw or belt sander machine. Jet's RED ASSURANCE is the name they give to their philosophy of extra helpful service and support after the sale. Designed to be the industry's most dependable service and support guarantee, the RED ASSURANCE philosophy is designed to give you extra peace of mind that you are making a good choice when you choose to finish reading about JET Tools RED ASSURANCE

January, 2013:
2013 brings changes to the U.S. Section 179 Tax Deduction for Machine Tools:
Good news! The American Taxpayer Relief Act passed January 1, 2013 and has extended Section 179 of the IRS Tax Code to allow a business to deduct, for the current tax year, the full purchase price of business equipment purchased, financed or leased up to a total of $500,000 in 2013. The $139,000 limit for 2012 was also retroactively increased to $500,000. This of course includes metalworking machine tools. For 2013, 50% Bonus (accelerated) Depreciation is still available, but only for new equipment (not used) and can be deducted by large businesses spending more than $500,000 on new capital equipment. This also effect businesses that have a net loss in 2012 to qualify to carry-forward the Bonus Depreciation to a future year. When applying these tax deductions, Section 179 is generally taken first, followed by Bonus Depreciation - unless the business has no taxable profit in 2012. There are certain limitations that apply to the Section 179 deduction including a $2,000,000 cap on total equipment purchases. Additionally, the Section 179 deduction may not exceed taxable income for the year in which it is taken. Ask your accountant.

December, 2012:
Check out one of the educational webpages from American Machine Tools:
Our most popular educational webpage is How to use a Lathe. This section has explanations and 108 different diagrams and charts covering the types of lathe designs, lathe safety, turning operations, speeds, feeds, taper turning, thread cutting, carbide tooling, tool sharpening, chucks, collets, cutting oils and attachments. We recommend reading it, even if you are an experienced machinist. There is more information there than even the most experienced machinist could remember. It is 2 huge long webpages full of information plus references to machinist tables. Also visit our Lathe Diagram webpage which names all the different parts of the typical engine lathe.....a good place to start if you are a beginner.

December, 2012:
Only a few weeks left to lock in your IRS Section 179 Tax Deduction for 2012:
• The machinery must be purchased before the end of 2012!
• The American Equipment deduction limit for Section 179 is now $139,000.
• The 2012 Umited States Section 179 Deduction threshold for total amount of equipment that can be purchased is now $560,000.
• New machinery, and CNC software, qualifies for the Section 179 Deduction.
• New equipment purchased in 2012 qualifies for the "50% Bonus Depreciation".
• To maximize the deduction, Section 179 is taken first, followed by Bonus Depreciation.
• To learn more about how this applies to you, call your accountant or visit the IRS website.
• Hurry because time is running out! We are closed for the holidays after December 21.

November, 2012:
Are Manufacturing Tax Credits Coming to an End?:
Important tax write-offs used by manufacturers for machinery and equipment purchases, research and development and to keep jobs in the United States are scheduled to expire at the end of the year. Bonus Depreciation, the R&D Tax Credit and Section 199 Domestic Production are just a few of the manufacturing tax credits that are set to expire next month unless renewed by Congress. Which of these tax credits will survive depends upon you. Call or write your congressman and senator!

November, 2012:
American Machine Tools Company develops new bore Facing Tool:
Are you in the business of reboring pivot holes on backhoes, endloaders, excavators or machinery frames? We have designed a new facing tool that attaches to our boring shafts. The tool is an aluminum disc that is engineered to spin at speeds up to 350 RPM and faces an 8 inch diameter area. This optional tool comes with replaceable coarse and medium grit round sand paper discs that attach via sticky back. The sand paper is stuck onto the disc and spins around while pushing against the rough spots that need facing. Since we have priced the whole kit for under $200 you can now afford to perform a facing operation quick and easy. This facing disc is just the latest addition to our full line of portable line boring tools. Our portable boring equipment is still made in the USA, but without being too expensive.

October, 2012:
Are you running criminal background checks on your shop personnel?:
If you are conducting a criminal background check on propective employees before you hire them, it can now be no-win situation. You want to avoid hiring a dangerous criminal but now you have to worry about what you do with the information. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has issued a new warning to discourage manufacturing companies from to finish reading EEOC guidelines for Criminal Background Checks

October, 2012:
Are you ordering a machine tool for use in Canada?:
To our Canadian customers, we want you to know that buying from us is not a problem. We can help. We have shipped hundreds of machines to Canada over the years. We have trucking services that can deliver to most of Canada. Not just BC, Alberta, Sasketchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and to finish reading how to buy a machine for Canada

September, 2012:
Ever been to the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago?:
IMTS. What a place! Right on the Chicago lakefront of Lake Michigan just south of downtown. It is over now until 2014 but make plans to attend if you are looking for ideas to increase productivity. Formerly known as the International Machine Tool Show, IMTS happens every even numbered year. There were thousands of machinery and equipment companies in 4 huge buildings that took more than one day to see even if to finish reading about IMTS

September, 2012:
Current slowdown caused by Europe or the election?:
Worrisome new statistics show that American Manufacturing has declined slightly for the third straight month as new orders, production and employment fell in August. Weak consumer spending and declines in business orders for large machinery and other capital goods are slowing factory output. Export orders increased but new orders, a sign of future production, dropped. The report to finish reading about Manufacturing Slowdown

August, 2012:
Some Companies Cant Find Qualified Workers?:
You may not of heard this but some machine shops, fab shops and manufacturers are claiming they cant find qualified people ready to fill some job openings. Is this true? Then we need to send all our kids to Trade School to learn machining and fabrication, not to a university to learn political science. Perhaps the problem is not what it seems. Maybe one of the qualifications some machine shops, fab shops and manufacturers are looking for is the willingness of skilled craftsmen to accept a lower wage than they used to get. Wages for these jobs have fallen in most parts of the USA due to the recession and due to the competition from workers in other countries. The invention of the shipping container and lowering of trade tarriffs have created a huge economic problem. If foreign competion can bring things into the USA with little (China) or no (Korea) trade tarriffs, how can American workers compete? And now with some software, some cameras and an internet connection, a company can have their CNC machines programmed from workers in China or India. The highly skilled machining jobs in the USA may not be as valuable as they used to be. This is a worrisome thought if you are a dedicated CNC Machinist with kids and a mortgage. Our politicians made outsourcing too easy and too profitable. Meanwhile, the Home Depot and some other stores are now pushing shoppers to use the self service cashier machine. American jobs are being replaced by people in foreign countries and automated machines here in ours. Should we only use the human cashier to save their jobs? Should we send our kids to trade school to learn a skill or to a university to learn political science? What do we do? Will any of our politicians in Washington help us?

August, 2012:
Consider a Digital Read Out for your Machine Tool:
You may be surprised at all the machines that we can add a Digital Read Out to. Or an Automatic Feed with Digital Readout. A great way to improve the ease at which you can turn out accurately made parts and do it repeatably. Such as +/- .001 inch. For a little extra money, we can add a 2 axis DRO to to finish reading about a digital readout for your machine

July, 2012:
Educational webpages from American Machine Tools:
Want to read about How to use a Band Saw machine? Our educational webpages include diagrams, blade selection charts, recomendations for cutting speeds and feeds, plus special cutting methods for both horizontal and vertical band saw machines. There is more to it then you probably realize. You will find our HOW TO webpages to be a helpful resource for both the novice and expert user. Click on the link provided. The How to use a band saw webpage and others like that we offer for free are another example of our helpful commitment to the manufacturing community.

July, 2012:
Manufacturing Activity slows in June:
A surprise contraction in U.S. manufacturing activity in June is a worrisome sign during this difficult economic cycle. Many had thought that manufacturing was leading the way out of the recession in the USA. While the decline in manufacturing was unexpected, the weakness was not across the board. There are still jobs available in some segments of manufacturing and some employers are having difficulty filling some skilled labor jobs. The shortage of skilled manufacturing workers in some sectors could be encouraging businesses to hold off on new orders until they get better idea of what the future holds. Meanwhile, construction spending in the U.S. increased a better than expected 0.9 percent in May which is a bright spot that will hopefully continue.

June, 2012:
Ethics in the Machine Tool Business:
Some customers worry that machinery dealers may not be ethical in their business practices. This can be a real worry for someone trying to buy a dependable new machine tool. The perception is even worse for dealers of used machinery. As if they had the reputation of used car dealers. If you are a customer what can you do?
What should you look for? Before you buy, look for.........finish reading about ethical machinery dealers.

June, 2012:
U.S. Manufacturing Activity Expanded Again in May:
That is 34 straight months of economic growth in the manufacturing sector. The growth was measured to be a little slower than in past months. Perhaps as a result of the slower growth, the prices of raw materials have fallen since April. Hopefully the combination of continued growth and lower material costs will spur higher profits and more hiring. The manufacturing industries reported the most growth in May: Nonmetallic Mineral Products; Furniture; Apparel, Leather Products; Miscellaneous Manufacturing; Metals; Electrical Equipment, Appliances; Fabricated Metal Products; Machinery; Textile Mills; Paper Products; Electronics; Printing; and Chemical Products. Meanwhile, sales of metalworking machinery at American Machine Tools Company are steady, which could be seen as confirmation of the continued growth in manufacturing.

May, 2012:
Another new Boring Cutter Positioning Tool:
We are now manufacturing a special Magnetic Mouting Bracket to firmly position a customized Dial Indicator against the carbide cutter in our boring bars. This new measuing set includes a Dial Indicator with .001 inch increments, a flat pusher disc (that the carbide cutter pushes against), and a Magnetic Mounting Bracket with multiple threaded hole positions to screw the Indicator into. Our L shaped Magnetic Mounting Bracket clips on next to any of our boring bar bearings. This solid mounting system takes the place of the flimsy rods normally used with a dial indicator.

May, 2012:
BUY NOW - PAY LATER by Leasing or Financing your machine:
We have partnered up with Marlin Leasing and Financing Company to provide you with money to buy machinery now and pay for it in small monthly payments. This allows you to take on a new job with a new machine and pay for it with the money you will make on the new work. This will free up money needed now for other purposes. For more information visit our Machinery Leasing & Financing webpage where we explain it in more detail and have a link to our Quick Quote Monthly Payment Calculator where you type in the estimated machine cost and the calculator will show you an estimate of what the monthly payment will be. Marlin is a well known respected equipment finance company, which is why we suggest them. We receive no benefit if you choose Marlin, our only benefit is your repeat business.

April, 2012:
Important information about the IRS Section 179 Tax Deduction for 2012:
• The USA Equipment deduction limit for Section 179 is now $139,000.
• The 2012 Umited States Section 179 Deduction threshold for total amount of equipment that can be purchased is now $560,000.
• Most new machinery, and CNC software, qualifies for the Section 179 Deduction.
• Only new equipment purchased in 2012 qualifies for the "50% Bonus Depreciation".
• When taking the deduction, Section 179 is generally taken first, followed by Bonus Depreciation.
• To find out more about how this specifically applies to you, ask your accountant or visit the IRS website.

April, 2012:
Visit our Youtube Channel:
Click to visit the American Machine Tools Youtube Video Library on Youtube. Subscribe to our Youtube channel. We have many videos of machines from AMT Line Boring, Birmingham, Chicago Dreis & Krump. JET, and others. We have many more coming soon. These videos show holes being welded, holes being bored, lathes, CNC and and CNC mills, bending rolls, hydraulic shearing, hydraulic metal bending machine and many many JET fabricating machines.

March, 2012:
Our Machine Tool Blog is 2 years old:
Now that we have been writing about the business of machine tools and its users for two years, is there something you think we should write about? We eat, sleep and breath machine tools everyday. We can research ideas and write a paragraph or more about them in a short and concise manner. We would like to hear your suggestions. Email us by clicking this link.

March, 2012:
Our Q150 Line Boring Equipment now includes extra measuring tools free:
Order a Q150-S, Q150-L, Q150XLS or Q150E from us and we now include a telescoping gauge set free and an extension set for the digital caliper that we already include. These tools allow you to accurately measure inside holes without pulling the boring shaft out.

March, 2012:
Newly changed Fein Auto-feed Magnetic Drill Press for our Q150 Line Boring Equipment:
American Machine Tools Company and Fein Power Tools USA are proud to announce that Fein is now manufacturing a special KBM-80U-Auto-LB magnetic drill press specifically for our Q150 line boring equipment. The Fein mag drill now comes with a slower auto-feed rate. This allows you to bore larger holes up to 8 inches (200mm) diameter using the autofeed without having to compromise cutting tool depth. The Fein magnetic drill press is designed and manufactured in Germany, with tech support from Fein USA in Pennsylvania. This powerful machine has auto-feed, manual-feed, variable speed, adjustable position base, 3/4 inch (19mm) chuck, Morse Taper#3 slugger bit holder and comes in a strong plastic case with dolly wheels.

Febuary, 2012:
The manufacturing ecomony is really picking up!
2011 orders for machinery and manufacturing equipment were up 66% compared to 2010. December orders were up 12.2% from November and up 12.7% from December 2010. This information is according to the Association For Manufacturing Technology and the American Machine Tool Distributors' Association. Tracking of machine tool consumption gives us a reliable leading economic indicator as manufacturing industries purchase machinery and metalworking equipment to increase capacity and improve productivity.

Febuary, 2012:
Becoming a customer:
When you become our customer, you get sales people with nearly 100 years of industry experience between them. Get our experience working for you. We can help you choose amoung the many different machinery choices to do your work. Our sales staff has worked designing machinery, building machinery, designing dies, working as a machinist, tool and die making, metal parts forming, etc. There is no substitute for actual experience.

January, 2012:
American Machine Tools customer SpaceX to fly to International Space Station:
When SpaceX flies its Dragon spacecraft on an unmanned mission to the International Space Station in 2012, our customer will be the first company to do so. In December 2010, SpaceX became the first commercial company to send a spacecraft into orbit and back. The commercial effort is part of a competition between private companies including SpaceX, Boeing and Sierra Nevada to be the first to create a spacecraft capable of replacing the US space shuttle which retired earlier this year. The first manned mission by a private company is not expected until at least 2015. In the meantime the only way for the world's astronauts to get to the Orbiting Space Station is via one of the Russian Soyuz spacecraft. Another customer of American Machine Tools Company has been to space: NASA.

December, 2011:
American Machine Tools offers more machines made in USA:
We now offer over 500 different models of metalworking machines made in America. Our recent additions include Belt Grinding machines from Burr-King, Abrasive Saws from Everett and Beveling machines from Heck Industries. If you are an American, buying a machine made in the USA is good for many reasons:
1. Get a better quality long lasting machine.
2. Good for our economy by keeping your money ins the USA.
3. Feel good about your patriotism.
4. Get tech support direct from the factory.
5. Future spare parts are easy to get.

December, 2011:
U.S. manufacturing still growing, but at slower pace:
Factory orders fell by 0.4 per cent in October, the Commerce Department reported, for the second straight month. But business activity, prices paid, and new orders all posted gains. The Commerce Department report showed demand for so-called core capital goods, a good proxy for business investment, fell 0.8 per cent. Still, that's after two months of solid increases in that category, caused by increased demand for computers and heavy machinery. Manufacturers increased their stockpiles by 0.9 per cent in October after more modest increases in previous months, which normally shows they are optimistic about future sales.

November, 2011:
Manufacturers order more Machine Tools:
September U.S. manufacturing technology orders added up to $606 million according to figures from the American Machine Tool Distributors' Association and the Association For Manufacturing Technology. This was up 23% from August and up 52% when compared with the total of $399 million reported for September 2010. So far, the year to date total is $4,074 million, so 2011 is up 92% compared with 2010.

November, 2011:
Tax Law Gives Manufacturers a boost:
The tax law enacted President Obama's proposal to increase bonus depreciation to 100% for new equipment purchased and placed in service through December 31, 2011. The new law also includes important provisions that reduce business costs and incentivize innovation and R&D. So, what are you waiting for? It is unlikely there will ever be a better time to buy a new machine. If you want to get a 100% tax write off, you can start by requesting a quote for your next metalworking machine.

October, 2011:
Read our new safety webpage:
Please read our newly created webpage about machinery safety. Nothing is more important the in the metalworking industry that preventing horrible accidents. Though we always had a links to the OSHA machinery safety website to help the customers, our new safety webpage is written to help you understand the dangers if you ignore safety. Because fingers, hands, and lives are more important than the short term profit made from ignoring safety.

October, 2011:
CNC Machinists report low job satisfaction:
According a survey of many thousands of employees conducted in 2011, CareerBliss determined the 10 most hated jobs, rated on a scale of 1 to 10. In almost all cases, respondents reported that the factors causing the most job dissatisfaction were not lousy pay. It was found that limited growth opportunities and lack of reward seemed to drive the misery index up more than anything else. The 9th most disliked job was CNC machinist. CNC machinists operate computer numerical controlled machines such as a CNC Milling Machine and CNC Lathe. Basically, a lathe or a mill with a computer attached. On the upside, it can render obsolete processes that used to be performed by hand, at a slow pace and with high risk to quality and safety. Now that the operator has had most of the physical hazards of manufacturing replaced by a computerized machine, there's not a lot to do but push buttons and perform equipment inspections, change tooling and maintain the coolant at a safe level. Since it's a specialized skill, the job offers less room for advancement, which apparently caused respondents to report a high degree of dissatisfaction.

September, 2011:
The August Manufacturing Numbers are in:
Companies ordered more machinery, computers and communication equipment in August, a positive sign for the slumping U.S. economy. An increase in demand for those kind of longer-lasting factory goods suggests businesses are sticking with their investment plans, despite slow growth and weak consumer spending. Though overall orders for durable goods slipped 0.1 percent last month, shipments of longer-lasting factory goods rose 2.8 percent, the fourth consecutive gain in this category. In July, demand for those goods surged 10.2 percent which is largest increase in eight years. But Economists look more closely at a 1.1 percent increase in a key category that measures business investment plans. Those are core capital goods that are neither used for defense nor transportation. The National Association for Business Economics is forecasting 2.2 percent growth in the second half of this year.

September, 2011:
Consider an American Car:
Rarely do we purchase something that creates jobs more than a car. Especially for those of us who work with machine tools. The next time you care looking to buy one, make sure you visit a GM, Ford or Chrysler Dealer to look at the American made choices. We Americans make good cars. When you buy an American car, it usually was designed in the USA, engineered in the USA, fabricated in the USA, and assembled in the USA. Also most of the spare parts, machinery, computers and software used to produce the cars is purchased from American companies. Back in the 1970s, General Motors Corporation was responsible for nearly 1% of the Gross Domestic Product of the whole USA. Imagine that. Think about the huge contribution you make to the American economy when you buy a new car.

August, 2011:
Our Machine Tool sales are up in August:
The number and size of machines ordered from American Machine Tools Company grew significantly in August compared to previous months. Some rather large machines were ordered. This probably indicates an upsurge in manufacturing. Is this jump in purchases the beginning of a long term trend for metalworking machinery? Or is it just one big month of pent up demand being released? Only time will tell. Normally the month of August is very quiet due to many managers taking their vacation time.

July, 2011:
Manufacturing is still growing:
The economy expanded at faster 1.3 percent annual rate in the April-June period after a meager 0.4 percent increase in the January-March period. But manufacturing output, employment, and prices paid my manufacturers all grew more slowly in July than in June. The manufacturing sector has expanded for 23 straight months. In a separate report, the Commerce Department said builders began work on more projects in June, pushing construction spending higher for a third straight month.

June, 2011:
Se Habla Espanol!
Hemos añadido muchas categorías individuales en español. Si desea hacer preguntas acerca de nuestra maquinaria en español, llame a nuestra oficina. Nosotros podemos ayudarle.
tornos metal
, plegadora de mano, guillotinas hidraulicas, maquinas trabajo hierro,

May, 2011:
Measuring Tools for boring cutters:
We now manufacture and sell a Cutting Tool Adjuster that mounts on our square carbide boring cutter to set the height within .001 inch.

April, 2011:
Habla Espanol?
Hemos traducido algunos de nuestro sitio web en español. Clic para ver nuestra página web máquinas para trabajo metal en español. Todas las semanas vamos a añadir una nueva sección en español.

March, 2011:
Our website has added more:
If you ever need a CNC plasma table visit our website. We have added the EasyCut CNC line of pasma cutting table with your choice of Hypertherm or Thermal Dynamics plasma cutting torches to give you high definition plasma cutting capability. Sizes available go from a small 4 x 4 feet table up to the large 6 x 12 feet table model. All 4 sizes are made in USA.

February, 2011:
Do you have a video of you line boring with our Q150 system?
If you do, American Machine Tools is offering a reward of up to $300 for a video over 1 minute long showing you setting up, using a Q150 portable line boring machine. Our new customers are interested in seeing how other customers used our Q150 system to rebore pivot holes. Videos must be shorter than 5 minutes long. If you have some photos you would like to share, we offer a bunch of free carbide cutting tools in exchange.

January, 2011:
Our website has grown:
In the past few months we have added extra webpages dedicated to metal cutting Cold Saws and Dake Arbor Presses and Pipe & Tube Notchers and educational information and this blog. Check back regularly as we add more to serve you better. Have a suggestion? Contact us.

December, 2010:
Section 179 End of Year Machinery Purchase Tax Deduction:
If you are thinking of waiting until next year to buy the metalworking machine you want, think again. The United States government is allowing an immediate 50% to 100% business tax deduction (section 179) on machinery up to $500,000 if purchased before December 31, 2010 under certain conditions. To qualify at the 100% deduction level, check with your accountant to prevent any technicalities from changing part of your immediate tax write off into a gradually depreciated tax write off.

November, 2010:
Machine Tool Sales up:
The first nine months of 2010 show U.S. sales of machine tools and related equipment are up 74% over the same nine months of 2009. At this rate, we should quickly return to 2008 levels. U.S. factory output grew for the 16th straight month in November. Manufacturing has been one of the strongest sectors of the economy since the recession ended. After slowing over the summer, factories have picked up in recent months as consumer demand for autos, computers and other goods has rebounded.

October, 2010:
Quantitative Easing:
The Federal Reserve of the United States is currently flooding the financial markets with easy money to stimulate the U.S. economy. This should drive down interest rates and make it easier for banks to lend money. The downside to the U.S. Dollar is inflation which can be seen in the runup in gold prices and commodities important to manufacturing such as steel, aluminum, oil, etc.

September, 2010:
New Line Boring Tools:
We now manufacture several tools to assist with reboring holes using our portable boring equipment. Our Centering-Measuring Tool will accurately measure holes while the boring bar is still in the hole. Our custom made Grooving Cutting Tool is an inexpensive way to cut a retaining ring groove inside a hole.

August, 2010:
Made in USA is making a comback:
Manufacturing products in America is making a comeback. The recession has held wages down in the US, making them more competitve. Meanwhile Chinese labor costs are going up and so is the value of the Chinese currency compared to the US Dollar. Also, some people are trying to buy American made products for patriotic reasons to help our economy as well as the usual reasons of quality, safety, tech support and spare parts availabilty. Expanded tax cuts for Research and Development work should also promote more purchases of the kind of capital equipment often made in USA.

July, 2010:
New Fein Powerfeed Magnetic Drill Press for our Q150 Line Boring Equipment:
American Machine Tools Company and Fein Power Tools USA are proud to announce that the Fein KBM-80U-AutoLB is now available as a Magnetic Drill Press option to drive the Q150 line of portable hole boring bars from American Machine Tools Corp. The Fein KBM-80U-AutoLB allows line boring in Manual or Auto-Feed mode. Unlike other Fein magnetic drill presses, the KBM-80U-AutoLB is specially equipped with a 3/4 inch chuck for driving the Q150 boring shafts. The German made quality is remarkable and will provide many years of use. The Q150 portable line boring tools enable your magnetic drill press to rebore pivot holes in cranes, backhoes, endloaders, excavators, tractors, machinery frames, steel mill ladles, bridge support pivots, etc.

June, 2010:
Chinese labor costs going up, currency value going up:
The Chinese have finally uncoupled their currency (Yuan) from the US Dollar. They are allowing it to rise in value from the long time rate of 6.83 Yuan per Dollar. This should quickly cause Chinese made machine tools and other equipment to cost more in the US. Simultaneously, Chinese manufacturers are reporting that employees are very unhappy (with some resorting to suicide). The Chinese workers are demanding higher pay, better working conditions and less brutal work hours. This will raise costs for Chinese factories and their customers. While this is good news for many American manufacturers whose prices should soon be more competitive, it is bad news for American importers of Chinese made machinery and equipment since they will lose some of their pricing advantage.

May, 2010:
Industrial Rebound Taking Hold with Inventory Replacement, Exports:
The Institute for Supply Management reports that its Purchasing Managers Index was 59.7 percent in May. At that level, the index is well above the 50 percent growth threshold. Replacing of depleted inventories seems to be driving an improved domestic demand. Healthy gains in exports is another reason to hope for an industrial rebound.

April, 2010:
Our New Q88E Boring Equipment:
American Machine Tools Company introduces its newest boring setup using a small 7/8 inch diameter boring shaft capable of boring holes down to 1 inch diameter and up to 1 1/2 inch. The Q88 includes a manual feed drill press mechanism and is driven by a Milwaukee drill. As with all line boring equipment from American Machine Tools Company, the Q88 includes everything you need including enough carbide cutters to complete your job. We also offer a lower cost Q88A add on option for use with our Q150 equipment.
Coming soon: New Fein Magnetic Drill Press with Auto-Feed for our Q150!

March, 2010:
Economic Climate for Manufacturing in the USA:
Lets face it. We are still struggling to work our way out of this recession. But this recession was deeper than any other we have seen in our lifetime. Do you remember the past few recessions? The 2001 recession started out bad and just as things started to improve September 11 knocked us down again. The stock market took a much longer time to recover than this time. The 1991 recession cost the first President Bush the election to Bill Clinton. My father almost lost his consulting engineering company. The 1981 recession was a very scary time for me. I remember working for a machine builder far from home who paid extra low wages since there was so many good people out of work. The 1973 Arab Oil Embargo caused a recession with very high gas prices, shortages and long lines at gas stations while the US was still recovering from the expensive Vietnam War. Currently our problems seem to stem from a real estate bubble and all the debt our country took on to fight two wars after a big tax cut. But the stock market has recovered quicker than last time. In retrospect things don't seem so bad if you aren't one of the unemployed Americans whose home is in foreclosure. We feel optimistic. If we work hard, invest in productivity and buy American (when still possible), manufacturing can help lead us out of this recession.

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