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Our CNC lathes can be programmed for high speed machining of 1 part or for production runs to cut the same parts repetitively and accurately with very little effort. These machines are used for turning, facing, cut-off, grooving, chamfering and radius cutting. The controls use G-Code, M-Code and Conversational programming.

GMC 1640 & 1660 CNC Lathes
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Medium sized machine for a small budget.
Siemens 808D CNC control
10 manual 3-jaw chuck with set reversible jaws
Large spindle bore 3-1/32, D1-8
Full enclosure safety front and rear guards
One-piece solid cast iron machine base
Heavy Duty guideway width 11 13/16
Electrical automatic 4-way turret toolpost
MPG Metal handwheel for X & Z Fully ballscrews enclosure
RS 232 interface
USB Port
High speed machining
Popular Ease-of-use Conversational programming, Conversational leads you through the programming of your part, just fill in the blanks while checking the graphics.
Select from all canned cycles, such as, profiling, material removing, roughing and finishing, inside & outside threading, line, arc, drilling and floating tapping, cut-off, grooving, radius, chamfering.
G code and M code programming
CSS-constant surface speeds
CAD/CAM connector
Tools library
Tool length & radius compensation
Can use standard flash card for transfer programs and networking FTP
Spindle is balanced, hardened and precision ground and is supported at 3-points by high precision bearings
All gears and shafts are hardened and precision ground
Guideways induction hardened and precision ground
Automatic lubrication system for guideways and fully enclosed ballscrews
Automatic lubrication system in headstock and feed box
Coolant system
Tool box and leveling pads
One year warranty
ISO 9001 certified China factory

Optional Programmable Frequency Inverter Variable Speed Drive Motor

GMC model 1640 CNC Lathe

Model Number CNC-1640 CNC-1660
Max. swing dia over bed
Max. length of workpiece
Max. cutting length
Max. diameter swing over cross slide
Max. turning diameter over bed
Spindle Bore
3.03 dia
Width of Bed
Taper of spindle center
M.T.# 6
Taper tail stock center
M.T.# 5
Spindle Speeds
211620 rpm
Spindle Motor
10 HP, 220 volts,3 phase
Max. Cutting Tool Size
1" square
Max. travel for X axis
Max. travel for Z axis
Max. travel of Tailstock
5,650 Lbs
6,150 Lbs
Size of machine
L x W x H
110x 75x 86
129x 75x 86


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