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Ethics in the Machine Tool Business:

Some customers worry that machinery dealers may not be ethical in their business practices. This can be a real worry for someone trying to buy a dependable new machine tool. The perception is even worse for dealers of used machinery. As if they had the reputation of used car dealers. If you are a customer what can you do?

What should you look for? Before you buy, look for a machinery dealer who has a good reputation. Find one who belongs to the Better Business Bureau or at least has a high rating with them. Find one with experienced professionals to help you instead of salespeople who never actually worked with machinery themselves. Ask for a signed machinery quotation in writing with their warranty stated clearly. Ask to see their return policy in writing or on their website. Ask for some phone numbers of past customers who bought the same machine you are interested in. Then you can call and find out how they like the machine they bought and also how they liked the company they bought it from. Sometimes you can talk to someone at the factory to see if they recommend buying from that distributor or do they recommend a different one.

What to avoid? Avoid dealers who dont understand the machinery they sell. If they dont understand the machine, how can they properly help you. Avoid pushy sales people who try to rush you into buying something. Also avoid pushy sales people who try too hard to push you into a more expensive machine than you need. Just because a quotation offers many options doesnt mean you have to buy them all. Avoid buying from a dealer who seems to be working out of their house. This could mean that the dealer is not financially sound. Try typing the distributors name into Google to see if there is some negative comments about them on the internet. But watch out for fake comments posted by unscrupulous competitors.

A final note; sometimes it is the importer or manufacturer of the machine that is unethical while the machinery dealer has the best of intentions to make the customer happy. Something similar happened to us once but we were able to give the customer a complete refund anyway. Something to think about when you choose who to buy your next machine from.

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