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ACU-RITE MILLPWR CNC Control System for Milling Machines:
A versatile 2 axis or 3 axis control and a three axis readout system, MILLPWR® satisfies the need for both manual and automated operations for vertical knee mills. This user-friendly controller is engineered to increase your efficiency, productivity and profitability.

ACU-RITE MillPower CNC Control

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ACU-RITE MillPower CNC Operator Console Features:

• 2 or 3 Axes Control / 3 Axes Readout
Significantly improves efficiency, productivity and profitability; may be used automatically or manually.

• 10" Flat Panel, Color LCD Display
View information instantly on MILLPWR's large, operator-friendly display with immediate graphic feedback.

• Immediate Part View Graphics
Verify part programs before and during machining to reduce errors and scrap; use zoom features for intricate details.

• Large Internal Storage Capacity
Store multiple part programs in MILLPWR's internal memory for convenient access anytime.

• 3D Tactile Keypad
Locate application-specific function, adjust feed rates and start/stop MILLPWR quickly and easily.

• RS-232 Port/Remote Storage
Connect MILLPWR to your PC for convenient program transfer and storage.

• NEW! Compact Flash Portable Data Storage
Save part programs to or load part programs from a compact flash card for quick storage and retrieval.

• Remote Stop/Go Switch
Start and stop movement with a hand-held switch.

• Emergency Stop/Table Stop
Stop X, Y and Z Axes movement immediately to avoid damage or injury.

ACU-RITE CNC Programming Functions

• Conversational Programming with Menu-Prompting.
Create part programs easily - following the menu prompts and let MILLPWR do the rest.

• Tool Library
Create a list of frequently used tools to save time while programming a part.

• Hard Key Milling Functions
Standardized menus make it easy for you to program common features like lines, arcs, pockets, islands, spirals and ellipses. To add a feature to your program, simply press a function key and then follow to prompts. MILLPWR also includes an "engrave" option for engraving alphanumeric characters vertically, horizontally, diagonally or along an arc.
* Tool - Program tools by diameter, length offset, type direction and speed.
* Rectangles - Pocket, frame, face and slot.
* Circles - Pocket, frame, ring and helix.
* Hole Patterns - Bolthole patterns; full and partial circles, linear row/column, rectangular frame and array.
* Position/Drill - Drill, bore and position.
* Lines/Diagonals - Defined by from and to points or by angles.
* Arcs - Defined by from and to points or by sweep, center and 3-point arcs.
* Blends - Insert a corner radius between two lines, two arcs or a line and an arc.

ACURITE Positioning

• Precision Ground and Hardened Ballscrews
Smooth positioning and less wear than conventional lead screws.

• Powerful DC Motors
Machine heavy cuts or position each axis at a maximum speed of 100 inches per minute.

• Closed Loop Feedback
Eliminate the need for backlash compensation with ACU-RITE Precision Glass Scales.

ACU-RITE Dimensioning

• Inch to mm and mm to inch Conversion
Avoid math errors, convert from inches to millimeters or millmeters to inches instantly.

• Datum
Establish workpiece zero within seconds.

• Preset
Preset absolute and incremental dimensions, then machine to zero.

• Polar/Cartesian Coordinates
Enter dimensions directly from the print without mathematical interpolation.

• Absolute/Incremental Displays
Display table movement/positions relative to workpiece zero (absolute) or from feature to feature (incremental).

ACURITE Special Functions

• Engrave
Engrave alphanumeric references into a part vertically, horizontally, diagonally or on an arc.

• Mirror/Repeat/Rotate
Easily manipulate part programs to save time and reduce program steps.

• Skew
Save time aligning parts.

• Custom Pocket
Program a continuous closed contour that has an irregular shape for multiple passes.

• Contour
Create a continuous contour and add finishing passes with approach and departure moves to avoid tool marks.

• Island
Create raised features on any part.

• Chamfer
Program chamfers quicklywithout calculating end points.

• Spiral
Program spirals with various sizes and sweep angles.

• Position-Trac™
Find Home Easily, quickly and accurately reestablish workpiece zero after power loss.

• Teach Position
Use a tool, edge finder or indicator to create a program from an existing part.

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